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Atlanta Falcons Training Camp is Rolling

By: Phillip Parker Jr. - July 29, 2014

Training Camps around the NFL are underway. Phillip takes a look at the happenings in Atlanta ... story

2014 Fantasy Football: RB PPR Rankings (31-50)

By: Matt Horkman - July 29, 2014

This week, Row12 begins its look at PPR leagues. Up first are running backs 31-50... story

2014 Fantasy Football: Defense/Special Teams Rankings

By: Matt Horkman - July 28, 2014

A good fantasy defense can make or break your week. Find out each teamís outlook, as Row12 continues to get your ready for fantasy football... story

Jake Peavy's Impact on the Giants' Rotation

By: Daniel Sandoval - July 28, 2014

In this segment, we take a look at the recent acquisition of Jake Peavy and his impact on the Giants' Rotation.... story

The Rise of the Mariners

By: Daniel Sandoval - July 27, 2014

In this segment, we take a look at the up and coming Seattle Mariners as they look to make a strong playoff push.... story

2014 Fantasy Football: LB IDP Rankings

By: Mike Jasko - July 26, 2014

Row12 continues its fantasy football coverage with IDP rankings. First up is a look at the top 10 linebackers... story

IDPs: An Introduction

By: Mike Jasko - July 26, 2014

Mike talks about the basics of an IDP league... story

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