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College Basketball
Duke holds off Wisconsin, Wins fifth National Title

By: Mike Jasko - April 7, 2015

Duke beats Wisconsin to win their fifth national championship... story

The Badgers Tame the Wildcats

By: Mike Tanchevski - April 5, 2015

Wisconsin did what no other team could do all season, beat Kentucky.... story

Final Four Preview: Michigan State vs. Duke

By: Mike Jasko - April 3, 2015

Prep for the National Semifinal showdown between Duke and Michigan State... story

Final Four Preview: Kentucky vs. Wisconsin

By: Mike Tanchevski - April 1, 2015

Kentucky is closing in on and NCAA Championship and 40-0 season.... story

Sweet 16 Preview: Ranking Each Matchup

By: Mike Jasko - March 25, 2015

Mike ranks each Sweet Sixteen match-up by level of intrigue... story

NCAA Tournament: Michigan State, Witchita State Crash the Sweet 16

By: Reel Robinson - March 23, 2015

The first weekend comes to close with some great games. Lets recap Day 4. ... story

NCAA Tournament: N.C. State Upsets Villanova, Kentucky and Arizona Roll

By: Reel Robinson - March 22, 2015

The first No. 1 seed is toppled, while two of the favorites continue to shine... story

NCAA Tournament: Day 2 Ends with the Dayton Flyers Standing Tall

By: Mike Tanchevski - March 21, 2015

Basketball was played into the next moring in Columbus as the Dayton Flyers continued their NCAA march in March.... story

NCAA Tournament: Georgia State, UAB Headline Day 1

By: Mike Jasko - March 20, 2015

Five one-point games and many other exciting finishes cap the first full day of the 2015 NCAA Tournament... story

Frank Kaminsky and the Players to Watch from the West Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 19, 2015

Time to take a look at some of the standout players of the West Region... story

NCAA Tournament: Midwest Region Preview

By: Mike Tanchevski - March 18, 2015

Kentucky aims at perfection as the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Basketball Tournament... story

NCAA Tournament: East Region Preview

By: Mike Jasko - March 17, 2015

A Preview of the NCAA tournament's East Region, featuring Villanova, Louisville, and Oklahoma among others.... story

NCAA Tournament: West Region Preview

By: Reel Robinson - March 17, 2015

The West Region looks to be one of the best. Who will sustain and make it to the Final Four? Find out in Spenser's preview... story

NCAA Tournament: South Region Preview

By: Mike Jasko - March 16, 2015

Get ready for the NCAA Tournament with a Preview of the South Region, led by No. 1 Seed Duke.... story

Tickets Punched: Mid-Majors Already Headed to the Big Dance

By: Mike Jasko - March 14, 2015

With The NCAA Tournament nearly upon us, we take a look at some of the Mid-Majors that don't have to wait until selection Sunday to find out that they're in the Big Dance... story

2014 College Football Preview: ACC

By: Matt Horkman - August 18, 2014

Can anyone in the ACC stop Florida State? Find out as Row12 previews ACC football... story

NBA Draft Recap: Eastern Conference

By: Daniel Sandoval - July 6, 2014

The NBA draft had a lot of ups and downs, let's take a look at the moves that the Eastern Conference made.... story

NBA Mock Draft 2014 1st Round Vol.1

By: Daniel Sandoval - May 29, 2014

In this article, Daniel examines the potential first round selections... story

The NBA's Final Four: Two Match-Ups Worth the Season-Long Wait

By: Mike Jasko - May 16, 2014

Mike Jasko tries to contain his excitement as he previews the NBA's conference finals match-ups.... story

Refuting NBA Criticism in a Town With No Team

By: Mike Jasko - April 6, 2014

Where I'm from, many people claim to love basketball, yet they wont watch the NBA. What is behind this thinking? ... Keep Reading

2014 College Basketball Championship: Kentucky Wildcats vs. UConn Huskies

By: Reel Robinson - April 6, 2014

The NCAA National Championship game is finally here. Who has the matchup and coaching to cut down the nets? Find out as Reel previews the big game... story

2014 Final Four Recap: The surprises keep coming

By: Reel Robinson - April 6, 2014

UConn and Kentucky will play for a chance to win their second title in the last four years. Find out how we got this point... story

2014 Final Four Preview: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Kentucky Wildcats

By: Reel Robinson - April 4, 2014

Can Kentucky's youth overcome Wisconsin's discipline? Find out as Reel previews Saturday's second final four matchup... story

2014 Final Four Preview: Florida Gators vs. UConn Huskies

By: Reel Robinson - April 4, 2014

Entering the final weekend of the college basketball season, Reel previews the matchup between Florida and UConn... story

2014 Final Four: Let's Talk Coaching

By: Reel Robinson - April 4, 2014

The compelling coaching in the Final Four has its own story to tell. Someone has to take their team to an even higher level to win it all. Find out if these coaches are ready for the task... story

2014 Final Four: Point Guard vs. Point Guard

By: Reel Robinson - April 2, 2014

Two of the best point guards prepare to square off for a chance to advance to the national title game. ... story

The Final Four is Set!

By: Reel Robinson - April 1, 2014

The Final Four is set and ready for action... story

Sweet 16 Breakdown: East Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 27, 2014

Continuing with my breakdown of the Sweet 16, I take a closer look at the East Region... story

Sweet 16 Breakdown: South Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 25, 2014

Four teams are left in the South Region. Who will come out on top? Find out as Reel continues his breakdown of the Sweet 16... story

Sweet 16 Breakdown: West Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 24, 2014

The West Region Sweet 16 match ups will be some good games. Who will have the advantages?... story

The lower seeds showing heart in NCAA tournament so far

By: Reel Robinson - March 23, 2014

After Dayton upset Ohio State and Syracuse the field has been open wide for anyone who plays their best basketball right now. ... story

Region to Region Breakdown: Midwest Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 23, 2014

The midwest region is the toughest road but the winner will be ready for a title run.... story

Experience trumping Young Talent so far in the NCAA

By: Reel Robinson - March 22, 2014

Senior teams are taking control of March Madness. ... story

Region to Region Breakdown: West Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 21, 2014

Can Arizona withstand the challenges of the West region? ... story

The Cinderella Story is No More! Anybody can win it all

By: Reel Robinson - March 21, 2014

The days of the Cinderella story are a thing of the past. Parody across the nation has open the doors for small programs to succeed in March Madness.... story

Region to Region Breakdown: East Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 20, 2014

The East Region won't be an easy route for No. 1 seed Virginia will they be able to advance?... story

Region to Region Breakdown: South Region

By: Reel Robinson - March 18, 2014

Florida leads the South Region. Who has the best chance of knocking them off?... story

Brackets are Full! Who do you got?

By: Reel Robinson - March 17, 2014

Brackets are full and the teams are set to face their first round opponents. Who will be the surprise or dominant team of the 2014 NCAA tournament?... story

The Bubble is a scary place!

By: Reel Robinson - March 16, 2014

Getting off the bubble will be a challenge but it is Selection Sunday who will make the final spots? These are a few of the favorites to get those coveted selections... story

Big Names go Down, and room is made for others!

By: Reel Robinson - March 15, 2014

Big teams are dropping like flies in their conference tourneys... story

Will Villanova's loss help move someone into that No. 1 seed?

By: Reel Robinson - March 14, 2014

Conference games are starting to heat up... story

Parody in College Basketball: Teams to watch

By: Reel Robinson - March 12, 2014

Over the last decade, we have seen the growth of small programs and unlikely contenders emerging out of the formally insignificant areas of college basketball. Although the big name schools have continued to cut down the nets year after year the threat of the smaller programs have become a relatively normal sight in the brackets. No longer are teams like Creighton, Gonzaga, Wichita State and others subjected to being mere good stories.... story

Defense Wins CHAMPIONSHIPS! Arizona Wildcats

By: Reel Robinson - March 12, 2014

Coach Shaun Miller has an interesting team on his hands this year... story

Stars will be Stars, Or will They?

By: Reel Robinson - March 10, 2014

March Madness where stars become stars and the rest watch in awe. There's no question that NCAA basketball starts to gain momentum around this time of the year. March madness is among us, as the conference tournaments start to heat up and teams jockey for their rightful positions in sports most exciting and unpredictable post season events, we start to see who are the pretenders and legit contenders across the country... story

Writers Wanted!

By: Matt Horkman - February 21, 2014

Are you interested in writing about the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament? Do you have something to say about Lebron James? Perhaps you just want to publish an NFL mock draft. Row12 can offer you these opportunities and more. Click to find our more information ... story

Sports Writers Wanted

By: Matt Horkman - February 14, 2014

Become a Row12 writer and help us grow our community... story

Sports Writers Wanted

By: Matt Horkman - February 8, 2014

Are you interesting in writing about the NFL, NBA, or MLB? Do college sports interest you more? We’re currently conducting a search for new writers and you might be exactly what we want. Click to find out more information... story

Sports Writers Wanted

By: Matt Horkman - January 24, 2014

Are you interesting in expressing your opinion? Row12 is offering an opportunity for aspiring writers. Find out how you can write for the Row12 community... story

Writers Wanted!

By: Matt Horkman - January 15, 2014

We’re conducting a search for baseball and basketball writers. Find out more details in this post... story

Writers Wanted!

By: Matt Horkman - January 8, 2014

We’re currently searching for new writers... story

College Bowl Preview III

By: Matt Horkman - December 29, 2013

The end of an era in Texas highlights the eight bowl games scheduled to close out 2013... story

Writers Wanted!

By: Matt Horkman - December 22, 2013

Find out how you can become a Row12 writer... story

Writers Wanted!

By: Matt Horkman - December 11, 2013

Find out how you can become a Row12 writer... story

College Football Thursday: Paying College Athletes

By: Matt Horkman - December 5, 2013

Matt offers his take on paying college athletes. In addition, he examines Johnny Manziel's pro prospects and also picks this week’s major conference championship games ... story

College Football Thursday: Florida State vs. Miami (FL)

By: Matt Horkman - October 31, 2013

Matt’s favorite rivalry as a kid is finally meaningful again. He makes the case for why the Hurricanes are better than the point-spread indicates. He also predicts the outcome... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: Linebackers

By: Jonathan Hull - January 24, 2013

There are four first rounders among the junior LBs who declared early for the NFL Draft ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: O-Line

By: Jonathan Hull - January 22, 2013

This year's group of offensive linemen prospects are as good as any in recent memory, and some of the underclassmen who came out early have only made it better ... story

College Bowl Preview III

By: Jonathan Hull - December 25, 2012

The bowl season kicks into high gear this week with 12 games between Wednesday and Saturday ... story

2012 Live NFL Draft Blog

By: Matt Horkman - April 26, 2012

The jungle writers provide live analysis on each selection as the picks comes in... story

2012 NFL Mock Draft

By: Matt Horkman - April 2, 2012

For any football fan, April marks the start of draft season. The NFL Draft is less than a month away and the jungle has you covered, starting with a detail projection of how draft day may unfold... story

2012 NFL Mock Draft

By: Matt Horkman - February 12, 2012

Another mock draft to wrap your brain around... story

College Football Week 10 Review

By: Jonathan Hull - November 7, 2011

The Big 12 lost another team, and while the league added West Virginia in preparation for Missouri's departure, the conference remains in a fragile state ... story

Heisman Watch

By: Matt Horkman - October 30, 2011

Saturday night, Andrew Luck delivered the defining moment of his college career. However, there can be only one game to rule them all. Matt explains in this week’s Heisman report... story

Inside the 20: Week 7

By: Matt Horkman - October 20, 2011

We have not one, but two stat of the weeks. We look back at last week’s fantasy stud and chump. Matt also dissects the Carson Palmer trade from a fantasy perspective ... story

College Football Week 6 Preview

By: Jonathan Hull - October 7, 2011

Hull discovered last week he might be better at projecting the MLB playoffs than the college football season. He's back this week anyway, offering insight on key matchups such as the Red River Rivalry. Also, find out which current major college QB's father taught Hull how to dribble a basketball ... story

NFL Week 2 Review

By: Jonathan Hull - September 19, 2011

There was a scoring outbreak in Week 2. Hull examines every great, disappointing and surprising performance ... story

College Football Week 3 Review

By: Jonathan Hull - September 18, 2011

The biggest news in college football this weekend happened off the field with the ACC ensuring its spot in the future of college football alignment ... story

Inside the 20: Week 1

By: Matt Horkman - September 8, 2011

What are 20 facts about week one you need to know before setting your fantasy roster? Inside the 20 provides that and much more... story

2011 NCAA Preview: SEC

By: Jonathan Hull - September 1, 2011

Hull saves the best for last as he wraps his 2011 conference-by-conference college football preview by looking at the nation's elite power, the SEC ... story

2011 NCAA Preview: Big East

By: Jonathan Hull - August 26, 2011

The Big East is often regarded as week, but there's a strong support system for the conference. Hull weighs in on how the Big East might fit into conference realignment as well as his thoughts on how this season will play out in the league ... story

2011 NFL Draft Grades: Arizona to Kansas City

By: Jonathan Hull - May 4, 2011

After spending a few days letting the picks sink in, Hull is ready to chime in with his draft grades ... story

2011 NFL Draft Blog: Rounds 6 & 7

By: Jonathan Hull - April 30, 2011

Hull is here to take you through the draft's final two rounds ... story

College Football Week 13 Review

By: Jonathan Hull - November 29, 2010

Auburn is thankful for Cam Newton. Boise State isn't grateful for much at all over the past few days, and can't be thrilled with TCU's latest actions, either. In other words, Hull has plenty to talk about in the college football world this week ... story

Incredi-Hull Combine Preview: Getting Offensive Part Deux

By: Jonathan Hull - February 22, 2010

The conclusion of Hull's look at offensive players invited to the NFL Combine ... story

Incredi-Hull Thoughts: Real Winners and Losers of Bowl Season

By: Jonathan Hull - January 9, 2009

Hull won a little cash for his bowl insight, but millions could have been gained and lost based on some postseason performances. Whose stock went up? Whose fell? Hull discusses that and provides an All-Bowl Team... story

The debut of IncrediHull Hopes

By: Jonathan Hull - October 3, 2008

FFJ editor enjoys gambling on college and pro football games. Each week Hull will name a few games with the most hope of turning a profit. Here's his college picks for Week 6 of the NCAA season... story

Out Routes: The answer we've all been waiting for...

By: Patrick Snow - November 16, 2007

Now that he is nearing the end of a difficult year in his auction league, Patrick felt compelled to complete an evaluation of what went wrong. In doing so, he has finally determined the most important statistic in a game based on statistics. What is it? You'll just have to read to find out. Patrick defends his finding, and then provides his All-Pro or All-Pine selections for week 11. A must-read article for all owners, especially those who are struggling this season. ... story

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