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Fantasy Football Questions
2014 NFC Preview

By: Matt Horkman - August 30, 2014

Every year, Matt goes through the schedule and picks each game. Last year, his projections correctly predicted Carolina would make the playoffs. What does he have in store for the NFC this year? Find out in Row12’s NFC Preview... story

2014 Fantasy Football: Defense/Special Teams Rankings

By: Matt Horkman - July 28, 2014

A good fantasy defense can make or break your week. Find out each team’s outlook, as Row12 continues to get your ready for fantasy football... story

2013 NFL Draft Blog: Day 3

By: Matt Horkman - April 27, 2013

Row12 provides immediate analysis of day three... story

Q&A Session: Week 10

By: Matt Horkman - November 10, 2012

Is Chicago's defense worth starting? What about dropping Romo for Palmer? These are just some of the questions Row12 offered advice on this week... story

Q&A Session: Week 9

By: Matt Horkman - November 2, 2012

Row12 offers free fantasy advice in our Q&A feature. Check out the details in the article... story

Q&A Session: Week 8

By: Matt Horkman - October 27, 2012

Should RG3 and Cam Newton sit this week? Find those answers out and more in our week eight Q&A... story

Saturday Q&A: Britt or Moore

By: Matt Horkman - October 20, 2012

Row12 offers free fantasy football advice. Sign up as a member today or use facebook to access the members area... story

Saturday Q&A: Vick for Floyd

By: Matt Horkman - October 14, 2012

Row12 offers fantasy advice for those needing help... story

Saturday Q&A: Trading Matt Stafford

By: Matt Horkman - October 6, 2012

Our second weekly Q&A features a question highlighting Matthew Stafford’s value. Find out what this fantasy player should do as well as other inquiries as week five draws near... story

Thursday Q&A: Fantasy Football Advice

By: Matt Horkman - October 4, 2012

Row12 offers fantasy football advice to user-submitted questions. Find out how the new system works and check out some mid-week advice we offered to those seeking help... story

2012 NFL Preview: NFC West

By: Matt Horkman - August 31, 2012

Are the 49ers Super Bowl contenders? Find out in the NFC West preview... story

2012 Training Camp Previews: Vikings, Colts, Texans, Jets

By: Jonathan Hull - August 1, 2012

Hull wraps up his training camp previews ... story

2012 Training Camp Previews: Bears, Bills, Browns, Giants

By: Jonathan Hull - July 29, 2012

Another four teams are down in Hull's training camp preview series ... story

2012 Training Camp Previews: Chiefs, Buccs, Bengals, 49ers

By: Jonathan Hull - July 26, 2012

Four more teams down in Hull's training camp preview... story

2012 Training Camp Previews: Redskins, Lions, Falcons, Dolphins

By: Jonathan Hull - July 25, 2012

Hull examines the next four teams in his training camp preview series ... story

2012 Fantasy Football: TE Projections (PPR)

By: Matt Horkman - July 24, 2012

It’s PPR week! We kick off the week with a look at tight ends... story

2012 Training Camp Previews: Broncos, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles

By: Jonathan Hull - July 21, 2012

Hull begins his training camp preview series with a look at two AFC West and two NFC East teams... story

2012 Fantasy Football: TE Stat Projections

By: Matt Horkman - July 12, 2012

Everybody needs a tight end plan. No longer is the position a throwaway. It’s vital to your fantasy success and we have 25 projections for you to mull over... story

2012 Fantasy Football: QB Stat Projections Part 2

By: Matt Horkman - July 11, 2012

The second part of our quarterback projections examines the starters... story

2012 Live NFL Draft Blog

By: Matt Horkman - April 26, 2012

The jungle writers provide live analysis on each selection as the picks comes in... story

Q&A Session: Week 14

By: Matt Horkman - December 10, 2011

Playoff fever is alive and well... story

Inside the 20: Week 7

By: Matt Horkman - October 20, 2011

We have not one, but two stat of the weeks. We look back at last week’s fantasy stud and chump. Matt also dissects the Carson Palmer trade from a fantasy perspective ... story

Inside the 20: Week 5

By: Matt Horkman - October 6, 2011

Which two teams may form the NFL’s next great rivalry? Matt gives his opinion and previews the upcoming week in football... story

By The Numbers: Is Cam Newton the Best Fantasy Rookie Ever?

By: Casey McLain - October 5, 2011

How great has Cam Newton's start been for fantasy owners?... story

Q&A Session: Week 4

By: Matt Horkman - October 1, 2011

Find out what is bothering our readers leading into week four... story

Q&A Session: Week 3

By: Matt Horkman - September 24, 2011

You have questions and we have answers... story

Thursday's preseason review

By: Jonathan Hull - August 26, 2011

Third week of the preseason means more playing time for projected starters ... story

Top Rookie RBs

By: Tyler_Waddell - August 23, 2011

29 running backs were taken in April's draft. Which ones should you have on your roster? Here's the breakdown:... story

Question and Answer Session 18.0

By: Matt Horkman - December 11, 2010

The Jungle readers are about to embark into the playoffs. However, they must have their questions answered first. Check out what troubles them this week and the possible solutions the jungle gives them... story

Question and Answer Session 12.0

By: Matt Horkman - October 30, 2010

The jungle gets a question about possible bye week cheating. In addition, jungle readers are wondering about trades and starts for week eight. Find out answers to those topics in this week’s Q&A ... story

Dynasty League Chronicles: Vol 7

By: Matt Horkman - October 21, 2010

Matt shares his thoughts on the resurgence of LaDainian Tomlinson and prepares himself for a big showdown in his dynasty league... story

Top 30: Week 4

By: Tony Meale - September 29, 2010

New faces? Old faces in new places? It's this week's Top 30.... story

NFL Week 1 in review

By: Jonathan Hull - September 15, 2009

Check out the first edition of a new weekly fantasy column by Jonathan Hull as he recaps the best, worst, most surprising and anything else worth talking about on the topic of fantasy football in Week 1... story

Top 30: Week 1

By: Jonathan Hull - September 10, 2009

Ready? Set. Go! Fantasy football season begins tonight! Woot! See how Hull ranks the Top 30 players for Week 1 of a much-anticipated year... story

2009 NFL Preview: Awards & Playoff Predictions

By: Matt Horkman - September 10, 2009

The season is just hours away and Matt's preview is finally complete. Who is the MVP? Who wins each conference? Who wins the Super Bowl? Matt tells all... story

Fantasy Football 2009 IDP rankings: Top 20 DEs

By: Jonathan Hull - August 10, 2009

Hull continues his look at independent defensive players by breaking down the Top 20 options at DE. Who are the best high-impact players available? Read and find out... story

2009 Defense/Special Teams Part 4--You tell 'em the Elites are comin'...

By: Patrick Snow - August 6, 2009

Patrick preps you for your draft by discussing strategy for selecting defenses/special teams. Then, he reveals and examines the Elites--the top tier of fantasy DSTs. Finally, some cool news is announced--be sure to read to the end. This is one article you don't want to miss! ... story

Fantasy Football 2009 Top 50 Receivers: 21-30

By: Matt Horkman - July 22, 2009

Look for this batch to show up as No. 3 receivers in most of your leagues ... story

Fantasy Football 2009 Top 25 QBs: 11-6

By: Skipster McNernie - July 21, 2009

It's getting exciting now. As Skipster gets to the bottom of his QB list, the talent gets better and better. Come join Skipster as he gets down and dirty with the nitty-gritty of the best QBs in the league. You won't be disappointed. ... story

Fantasy Football 2009 Top 40 RBs: 11-20

By: Jonathan Hull - July 20, 2009

Hull continues his preview of the top 40 RBs heading into the 2009 football season with spots 11-20. Time to start getting into guys who will be starting on most fantasy teams... story

Fantasy Football 2009 Top 40 RBs: 21-30

By: Jonathan Hull - July 13, 2009

Hull breaks down the next tier of the top 40 fantasy RBs for the upcoming season. ... story

Fantasy Football 2009 Top 40 RBs: 31-40

By: Jonathan Hull - July 6, 2009

Hull breaks down the Nos. 31-40 of his Top 40 RBs. There's one back among this list the many won't agree with, but Hull says to be wary of.... story

Question and Answer Session 6.0

By: Matt Horkman - September 14, 2008

It's Sunday morning and The Jungle's readers still have questions. Good thing The Jungle has your Sunday morning answers then ... story

Out Routes: What a mess...

By: Patrick Snow - September 11, 2008

Week one of the NFL schedule always seems to create more questions than answers for fantasy football owners. This year didn't disappoint. Patrick discusses the difficulties of making sense of week one, and then offers owners the All-Pro and All-Pine selections for week two.... story

Top 30 Week 2

By: Jonathan Hull - September 11, 2008

Jonathan Hull takes you through his first edition of the Top 30 with quick looks at how the growing IR list will play out for those teams affected... story

Question and Answer Session 3.0

By: Matt Horkman - September 3, 2008

Week 1 is nearly here and you still got questions. The Jungle gives you your answers... story

Question and Answer Session

By: Matt Horkman - August 16, 2008

Horkman addresses some questions asked by the jungle readers... story

Preseason Power Rankings

By: Skipster McNernie - August 6, 2008

Skipster kicks off his power rankings with his usual snarky comments and witty quips as he comments on all 32 teams. Find out where Skip puts your team and get your football juices flowing, so click on the article will ya!?! Guaranteed not to stain!... story

2008 Defense/Special Teams Part III--Starters

By: Patrick Snow - July 19, 2008

Now that training camps are opening up, the intensity is ratcheting up! This week, Patrick reveals the DSTs that owners should select to be starting units. Although these may not the best of the best, they can provide plenty of sturdy statistics for your championship team.... story

2008 Defense/Special Teams Part I--Waiver Wire

By: Patrick Snow - July 2, 2008

The 2008 fantasy season is rapidly approaching! Let Patrick prepare you to select the best defense/special teams unit. In the first installment, Patrick explains his evaluation system and breaks down the teams at the bottom of the fantasy barrel. ... story

Week 10 Power Rankings

By: Skipster McNernie - November 14, 2007

Skip...skip...skip to my Lou! Join Skipster McNerie for another exciting installment of his award winning series "The Weekly Power Rankings." Featuring: Peyton Manning, 6 interceptions, Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb hugging, Ricky Williams, and Choo-choo! This week's episode: Adam Vinatieri learns how to fail!... story

Waiver Wire Week 10

By: Casey McLain - November 9, 2007

"The takeover, the break's over." - Jay Z. I've taken over the Waiver Wire, and there is a pretty drastic change in format. I'm not going to do Savvy Starts/Sits anymore, but it will be semi-incorporated into this article. ... story

Savvy Starts/Sits Week 6

By: Casey McLain - October 12, 2007

I'm not sure if I'll get stat projections in this week, but here is the other.... story

Top 30 Fantasy Football Players

By: Matt Horkman - September 13, 2007

Need any help figuring out your roster for the week? Then this is the place to be. Horkman will give you his Top 30 Fantasy Football Players each week this season. This week Horkman crunches the numbers and comes out with his top 30. We’re one week into the season so Horkman gives some players the benefit of the doubt but others were not as lucky. See who cracked the list.... story

Preseason Power Rankings

By: Skipster McNernie - September 4, 2007

You wanna know the best teams in the league? You want to know with witty assides and insightful analogies? You want your information from a guy named "Skipster"? If you said "yes" to these questions, than Fantasy Football Jungle has a perfect storm for you. Join Skipster in the first of his weekly power rankings that helps cut to the chase and tell you like it is. Now, play nice!!!... story

Understanding Draft Value

By: Casey McLain - August 22, 2007

Not in a position to draft LT, LJ, or Stephen Jackson? No worries, just draft wisely. ... story

NFC South Preview

By: Skipster McNernie - August 15, 2007

As the season draws closer, Skipster gets more frantic with his previews. Join him today as he breaks down the uber-perplexing NFC South. Is Carolina any good? Will Atlanta rebound without Vick? Are the Saints really that good? You'll have a good time...A daba-do time...You'll have a gay old time!... story

NFC West Preview

By: Skipster McNernie - July 20, 2007

Wanna know what's the deal with the Ram's defense? Curious as to how Matt Leinart will fair in his sophomore season? Then this edition is for you. Ride shotgun with Skipster as he combs over the weakly-brutal NFC East and gives you all the dirty laundry. Just be sure you bring your own fabric softner...Skip is running low. ... story

Top 30 Running Backs (21-30)

By: Kyle Trembley - July 11, 2007

It's the most important position on your fantasy team, and if you botch it, you can kiss your chances of winning goodbye. Yup, it's running backs, and Kyle Trembley is counting down the top-30 of them to help you avoid this year's Dominic Rhodes or Reuben Droughns... story

NFC East Preview

By: Skipster McNernie - July 6, 2007

Curious as to how the Cowboys are doing with their new coach? Wondering what the Redskins are going to do with two quality running backs? Well the wait is over because Skipster has all your answers. In his weekly feature running up to training camp, he will break down each division and give you the straight poop on everything you need to know for your draft. Did I just say poop?... story

Three and Out: One Week Too Late

By: Patrick Snow - November 30, 2006

O cruel fate! The Professor laments the irony of the fantasy football world as he discusses his victory last weekend. Then he runs down the good, bad and ugly for week 12. Finally, Patrick answers reader email in order to help owners prepare for the playoff stretch.... story

Pro Bowl Politics

By: - November 27, 2006

Political commentators have been saying that last November's elections were the most important in twelve years. On the contrary, they weren't even the most important of this year. The race the America should be watching closely is the one between Bush, Gore, and Clinton...... story

Week 1 Power Ranking

By: Skipster McNernie - September 12, 2006

Is it crazy in here or is it just Skipster? Join him as he dives head first into an insane first week where we saw just a little bit of everything - including Art Shell! ... story

Question & Answer Session

By: Kyle Trembley - September 9, 2006

With everyone's fantasy draft in the books, it's time to see how our teams perform! Check out this week's Q&A Session for help with start/sit and drop/add decisions. Also, make sure to stop by the weekly player rankings article for help with your own start/sit decisions.... story

Three and Out: All-Pro or All-Pine Week 1

By: Patrick Snow - September 6, 2006

The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, school is starting back up—that can only mean one thing: it’s football time, baby!... story

Question & Answer Session

By: Kyle Trembley - August 18, 2006

A bunch of questions this week, most of which involve the value of running backs relative to receivers in both redraft and keeper leagues. So, if you're having trouble deciding between the two positions, check out this Question and Answer session!... story

Positional Fantasy Draft Strategy - Quarterback

By: Kyle Trembley - July 20, 2006

The fantasy draft season is just starting, do you have your strategy set? If not, check out this series of articles. In the first installment, Kyle Trembley dissects the quarterback position, breaking down the players into tiers, and suggesting a solid strategy for you to follow on draft day.... story

2006 Kicker Projections

By: Skipster McNernie - June 26, 2006

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. The climax of your life! After reading this article, you can then REALLY begin planning your fantasy future! Make no mistake...the kickers are here!!!!!!!!!!!! ... story

Quarterback Projections - 2006

By: Skipster McNernie - June 5, 2006

Wanna know who the best signal callers for 2006 will be? Then Skipster McNernie is you man. He's got the top 40 Quarterbacks along with projections and statistics. If you want to do well in your draft, you will need to read this article. I mean, it's just not an option.. ... story

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