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College Football Week 13 Review
By Jonathan Hull

What an eventful week of college football on and off the field.

The holiday weekend's events on the gridiron brought fans two instant classics with Auburn coming back to knock off Alabama, keeping its BCS title hopes alive, while Boise State's bubble burst so loudly that it woke up everyone across the country late Friday night.


I believe the Heisman Trophy was delivered to Cam Newton's dorm room early Saturday morning. After all, following four second-half TDs and leading Auburn to a 28-27 win over Alabama, college football's most prestigious award is as good as his.

While Auburn's comeback was a demonstration of the weekend's best individual performance, Nevada's rally to beat Boise State 34-31 in overtime was the best coaching of the weekend. Not to mention a great example of plain luck.

Everyone is going to remember the two missed field goals by Kyle Brotzman from 26 and 29 yards out, but keep in mind what Nevada did in order to put Brotzman in the pressure-packed situations.

The Nevada offense finally clicked with punishing power runs and great misdirection with the option out of coach Chris Ault's Pistol. But it was what Andy Buh, Nevada's first-year defensive coordinator, schemed that allowed the offense to catch up with Boise.

Nevada defensive end Dontay Moch might not have had many tackles on the stat sheet, but he appeared unblockable in the second half, pushing the pocket in on Boise St. QB Kellen Moore consistently. It's the best defense anyone had played against the Broncos all season.

Buh did almost blow it at the end by not having at least four guys in a prevent defense on Moore's bomb that ended in a spectacular diving catch by Titus Young that set up Brotzman's first miss. Fortunately for Buh, fate was on his side.


The bad news for Boise State continued Monday morning. Not only are the Broncos most likely now headed to the Kraft Hunger Bowl in San Francisco rather than the Rose Bowl, but their attempt to move into a better situation regarding bowl status took a big hit as well.

Despite Utah and BYU leaving, the Mountain West still had a decent shot at achieving automatic bid status in the BCS with a core group of Boise State, TCU, Fresno State and Nevada with Hawaii potentially joining those ranks as well. The contract comes up in 2015 and the MWC definitely would have been considered.

That changed when TCU announced it was bolting for the Big East on Monday morning. The move has been rumored for months, but the Frogs finally pulled the trigger on the change.

It makes little to no sense geographically, but it's all about the automatic BCS bid for the Frogs.  For the Big East, it's a major step in making certain the conference will still receive an automatic BCS berth for its champion when the contract expires.

The Big East has been a joke for years, but never more so than it is this season. The fact that UConn might be receiving the conference's auto bid to the BCS, while several more worth candidates go to lesser bowls has many of the BCS's biggest critics up in arms. I have no doubt there is pressure on the Big East from the BCS to become more worthy of the bid.

TCU is a pure football move. The Frogs aren't going to compete in the nation's best basketball conference, although, there are some great Division I-caliber recruits in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that might consider TCU now that they're in the Big East.

The only other sport the Frogs are elite in is baseball, making their first appearance in the College World Series this past season and becoming the darlings of the tournament. TCU will be heavily favored in football and baseball every year in the Big East, but only football is big money. And that's all the Big East cares about at this point.

The Big East will continue to try to expand its football presence with an offer to Villanova to move up to the FBS ranks as the league's 10th team. Expect an offer to Central Florida within a year. That would make 11 football teams and the Big East always holds out hope that Notre Dame will show some loyalty to its basketball conference and sign on. That's not happening, though.

A 12th team in the form of maybe Houston, Temple or Memphis could also be invited to give the Big East the lucrative championship game every conference outside of the Big 12 is now seeking. For now, though, the Big East does seem satisfied at 10 members.

Heading into the Turkey Day weekend, I knew we were in for one of the year's the best week of action on the field. But when everything played out, the past four days have proved to easily be the most eventful of the season.

INCREDI-HULL TOP 25: The stage is set for Oregon and Auburn to meet in the title game with both teams expected to win their final games of the season against Oregon State and South Carolina, respectively, by a comfortable margin. I'd call Auburn the more likely upset victim with South Carolina able to feature a ball control offense that would keep Cam Newton off the field. But I'm expecting a Pac-10-SEC BCS title game for the first time ever. ... Much was sealed with how the BCS bowls will play out this week. For one, it should be Wisconsin vs. TCU in the Rose Bowl. I'd love to see Wisconsin vs. Stanford, but TCU is a good matchup for the Badgers as well. The nation's best defense (TCU) vs. one of the highest-scoring offenses (Wisconsin). ...  If Stanford hangs on to that No. 4 ranking in the  BCS, then the Cardinal are guaranteed a bowl bid. The only question is where. I think it depends on who represents the Big East. While many believe the Big East champ is definitely headed to the Orange Bowl, I don't hold the same opinion. If Connecticut is the representative, then I expect the Orange Bowl, which has the second-to-last pick before the Fiesta Bowl, to select Stanford to play the winner between Virginia Tech and Florida State while UConn heads to the Fiesta Bowl. If it's West Virginia coming out of the Big East, then I can see the Orange Bowl taking the Mountaineers and sending Stanford to the Fiesta to face either Oklahoma or Nebraska. ... Oklahoma loves the Big 12 tiebreaker system. For the second time in three years, the Sooners benefitted from a three-way tie and ended up being the South's representative in the Big 12 title game. In 2008, OU was tied with Texas and Texas Tech and got the nod as the top-ranked team in the BCS. This year, the tie was between OU, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M, but OU is the top team again, despite a recent loss to A&M. The Aggies didn't get much respect in this process, but they're the best team in the Big 12 South right now and much better than what the AP, Coaches and BCS polls are ranking them. I do have to admit, though, seeing OU and Nebraska play in the Big 12 title game one last time is the way it should be. That's one of the best rivalries of the past 30 years and both programs had a lot to do with the conference's credibility in the late 90s and early part of the past decade. It's good to see the Big 12 as we know it go out featuring this rivalry.

Rk Team Record Pvs AP USAT BCS
1 Oregon 11-0 1 1 1 2
2 Auburn 12-0 4 2 2 1
3 TCU 12-0 3 3 3 3
4 Wisconsin 11-1 5 4 4 5
5 Stanford 11-1 6 5 5 4
6 Ohio State 11-1 7 6 6 6
7 Boise State 10-1 2 9 10 11
8 Arkansas 10-2 11 8 8 7
9 Michigan State 11-1 13 8 7 7
10 Virginia Tech 10-2 12 12 11 15
11 Texas A&M 9-3 14 19 18 18
12 Oklahoma 10-2 15 10 9 9
13 Nebraska 10-2 16 13 13 13
14 Nevada 11-1 18 14 17 17
15 Alabama 9-3 9 17 19 16
16 Oklahoma State 10-2 10 16 15 14
17 South Carolina 9-3 17 18 16 19
18 LSU 10-2 8 11 12 10
19 Missouri 10-2 19 15 14 12
20 Florida State 9-3 24 20 20 21
21 Utah 10-2 20 21 21 20
22 Hawaii 9-3 25 25 NR NR
23 West Virginia 8-3 NR 23 24 24
24 Mississippi State 8-4 NR 22 22 22
25 Northern Illinois 10-2 NR 24 23 25
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