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Heisman Watch
By Matt Horkman

1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
Last Week: 370 yards, 3 TDs, & 1 INT in win vs. Colorado.

Outlook: Did year hear the news? Luck’s draft stock is even higher now because of his one-handed catch last week. Really? Can his draft stock get higher? What does a one-handed grab have to do with playing QB in the NFL?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on Luck’s bandwagon as everyone else is. However, let’s not take a great player and make the coverage of him over the top. The media’s coverage of Tony Romo in the NFL is nauseating enough. Luck’s really good. He's arguably the best draft prospect since John Elway. A spectacular one-handed grab didn’t tell us anything we already didn’t know. We’re witnessing a unique player, so just enjoy the ride.

Stock: Steady

2. Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama
Last Week: 107 yards & 1 TD in win vs. Vanderbilt.

Outlook: Richardson’s 107-yard performance against Vanderbilt was his fifth consecutive 100-yard rushing game. We’re not talking about running over mediocre ACC or Big Ten programs. We’re talking about SEC defenses. It could be all for nothing, though.

That’s what makes college football great. Your margin of error is so small. Alabama’s season is going to boil down to one game. They host LSU on November 5. The SEC East is down, so that showdown is basically for the SEC championship. Everybody will take notice if Richardson goes off on the Tigers.

Stock: Steady

3. Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin
Last Week: Idle

Outlook: After hosting Indiana this week, Wisconsin has back-to-back road games against Michigan State and Ohio State. Both games are in primetime, so Wilson and the Badgers will once again have a chance to make a statement to voters.

Stock: Steady

4. Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
Last Week: 367 yards & 3 TDs in win at No. 11 Texas.

Outlook: Red Rivalry Shootout turned Red River Rivalry turned Red Rivalry blowout. Jones was below average to say the least against Florida State, which was the only marquee team Oklahoma’s played prior to Texas.

Yeah, he got help from his defense, but Jones threw for 300 yards and three scores in the first half alone. I can’t begin to describe the importance of this performance. He was accurate, comfortable, and methodical throughout the game. This type of showing could be the catalyst to something greater.

Stock: Up

5. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
Last Week: 254 yards & 3 TDs in win at Fresno State.

Outlook: Moore would be a top three candidate in any other year, but this is no ordinary season. All six QBs on my Heisman list have put forth ridiculous efforts thus far and Richardson’s year is under the radar for now.

Moore’s in this race, but he’s going to need other guys to cool off. That hasn’t happened right now, but the schedules get tougher during the middle of the season. We’re getting closer to separating the contenders from the pretenders. Moore’s a contender, but he doesn't control his destiny.

Stock: Steady

6. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan
Last Week: 407 total yards, 4 TDs (2 rushing), & 3 INTs in win at Northwestern.

Outlook: You can argue Robinson is more valuable than Wilson is. The Badgers have a better running game and OL than Michigan, so Wilson gets help. Robinson has to do everything. He throws it. He runs it. He’d probably play on the line if he could be in two places at once. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but Robinson’s having another special season.

Stock: Steady

7. Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor
Last Week: 319 total yards & 2 TDs (1 rushing) in win vs. Iowa State

Outlook: I have no basis to drop Griffin in my Heisman watch. He played great against Iowa State, throwing for 200-plus yards and rushing for 100-plus. Simply put, he falls because of the many quality players in college football right now. Griffin is one of them, but his Heisman quest is at a crossroads. We’ll soon find out how far he takes this, as Baylor faces tough road games against Texas A&M and Oklahoma State before the end of the month.

Stock: Down

On the Bubble
LaMichael James, RB, Oregon
Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State
Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

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