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Q&A Session: Week 16
By Matt Horkman

Bob (Gilbert, AZ)
I haven’t changed my lineup most of this season, but I picked Jeremy Maclin off waivers a couple of weeks ago. I’m now thinking of benching either Larry Fitzgerald or Pierre Thomas and starting Maclin as my flex. What do you think?

The Jungle
The Falcons feature one of the league’s toughest rush defenses. In fact, they’re fourth against the run, so benching Thomas is the right course of action, especially with Maclin’s favorable matchup against Dallas.

David (New York, NY)
Okay, the person I’m playing for the championship has Drew Brees. That sucks, but I have Marques Colston and Lance Moore. I also have Julio Jones and Vincent Jackson.

Normally, I’d start Colston or Moore as well as Jackson and Jones. Should I start both Colston and Moore in place of either Jackson or Jones instead?

The Jungle
We get questions similar to yours all the time. Do you start the opposing QBs receivers in order to negate much of his fantasy points? That’s the plan, anyway. It doesn’t always work that way, though, especially with somebody like Brees.

Remember, Brees spreads the ball around as well as any QB playing today. Therefore, you can’t guarantee both Colston and Moore have productive outings. He could target Jimmy Graham, Devery Henderson, or Darren Sproles instead.

You simply don’t know where he’s going with the ball, which makes him one of the three elite QBs currently playing. I suspect Moore is the riskier option between him and Colston, so I’d stick with Colston, Jackson, and Jones.

Dan (Charlotte, NC)
Should I start Miles Austin, Victor Cruz, or Brandon Marshall?

The Jungle
New England’s pass defense allows a ton of yardage and Marshall is quietly having a productive season in Miami. He’s caught 70 passes and has gone over 1,000 yards. He also has a TD in two consecutive games. Start him. 

Mark (Silver Spring, MD)
Which two RBs should I start: Michael Bush, Reggie Bush, Felix Jones or Marshawn Lynch?

The Jungle
It’s hard to believe, but R. Bush is emerging as a No. 1 fantasy back. He’s coming off three consecutive 100Reggie Bush-yard games, including a 200-yard effort last week against Buffalo. There’s no way you can bench him this week.

In addition, go with M. Bush against Kansas City. The Chiefs allow a ton of rushing yards and the Raiders run the ball as well as anyone in the league. In addition, this is a classic letdown game for the Chiefs after ending Green Bay’s pursuit of perfection.

Kyle (Boyetown, PA)
Whom should I start this week: Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Gates, C.J. Spiller, or Demaryius Thomas?

The Jungle
Arizona playing hot potatoes with their QBs hasn’t seemed to influence Fitzgerald’s fantasy output significantly. He’s still a very viable starting receiver, so he gets the nod here.

Furthermore, Detroit doesn’t allow many fantasy points to TEs, Denver’s passing attack is untrustworthy, and Buffalo’s offense gets worse every time they take the field.

Chad (Dallas, TX)
Whom should I start as my No. 2 RB: Peyton Hillis or Marshawn Lynch?

The Jungle
Ouch! The schedule sure blindsided you. Based on his performance, Hillis seems to have checked out of Cleveland weeks ago. Starting him against Baltimore doesn’t seem like a realistic option, but the 49ers are putting together one of the best defensive efforts against the run we’ve ever seen. They’ve yet to allow a rushing TD. It’s a tough situation.

Still, I trust Lynch more than Hillis. The Seahawks play well at home, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they pull the upset this Saturday. Plus, Lynch is on a hot streak. He’s recorded a TD in 10 straight games.

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