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Q&A Session: Week 17
By Matt Horkman

Nick (Cleveland, OH)
Hey, my auction league just ended and I’m looking forward to next year. I need to decide my third keeper to go along with Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson. My possibilities are Peyton Hillis for $29, Reggie Bush for $6, Percy Harvin for $9, or Cedric Benson for $7. What should I do?

The Jungle
Conventional wisdom is to hang onto Bush, who is coming off his first career 1,000-yard season, but I question his reliability. Durability issues have defined his pro career and he hasn’t had back-to-back healthy seasons to date. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to depend on any of that trio of backs in ‘12.

That leaves you with Harvin, who probably takes on a larger role in Minnesota’s offense because of Adrian Peterson’s injury. Even if Peterson were to return in the opener, the likely hood he’s the same player next year seems slim, so the Vikings are going to need to gain output from elsewhere. Harvin is the logical choice for them and the best for you.

Vince (Hockessin, DE)
Aaron Rodgers has put my team on his back and carried me to the championship game. Now I’m thinking about benching him for either Joe Webb or Matt Flynn. What is a fantasy owner to do?

The Jungle
Don’t schedule your championship in week 17! This is precisely why a majority of fantasy players use weeks 14, 15, & 16 to decide their fantasy championship. The 17th week of the season is simply too unpredictable.

With the said, I think you can say for certainty that Rodgers will not play into the second half or even the second quarter for that matter. In other words, Flynn’s playing the majority of snaps, so start him. He’s the best chance you have.

Justin (St. Charles, MO)
Do I start Brandon Marshall or Dwayne Bowe in this week’s championship game? Both are going against elite corners, but I have to choose one.

The Jungle
Start Bowe, who has 10 receptions for 129 yards and a TD in two games with Kyle Orton throwing the football. Remember, Orton personally has a lot to play for against Denver. As a result, I think Kansas City’s passing attack continues to produce, with Orton to Bowe as the primary reason why.

Tommy (Clarkson, MI)
I’m in the championship game and I don’t know whom to start at QB. Should I start Ryan Fitzpatrick, Aaron Rodgers, or Matt Ryan?

The Jungle
Rodgers won’t play the whole game and Fitzpatrick’s been unreliable since he received a contract extension around midseason. That leaves you with Ryan, which is hardly a bad thing. He has an outstanding week 17 matchup against Tampa Bay.

Defensively, the Buccaneers are playing awful, allowing 34 points per game during their nine-game losing streak. Look for Ryan to exploit them Sunday afternoon.

Bruce (New York, NY)
I just won our league title in a 10-team keeper league. We’re picking fourth and seventh next year and now we could get the second pick. We’re keeping Matt Forte, Victor Cruz, and Cam Newton. However, somebody is offering A.J. Green and the second overall pick for Newton. We’d have three picks in the top seven then. Do I take the offer?

The Jungle
As much as I believe in Green moving forward, I don’t think you can trade Newton. This season, he‘s approaching 4,000 passing yards, rushed for 600-plus yards, and scored 34 total TDs.

Forget about being one of the best rookie seasons ever. This is one of the best statistical QB seasons in history. I believe it’s superior to Michael Vick’s ‘10 campaign, which many fantasy players celebrate as one of the best ever.

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