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2012 Live NFL Draft Blog
By Matt Horkman

Welcomes to the 2012 Fantasy Football Jungle Live Draft Blog.

We’re less than an hour away from the draft and we already have our first trade. Minnesota deals the No. 3 overall selection to Cleveland for the Browns No. 4 selection, a fourth rounder, fifth rounder, and seventh rounder.

Andrew Luck, RG3, and Trent Richardson are probably the top three selections off the board. Makes sense considering they’re the top three players in the draft. Go figure.

Hull: I'm going to put this prediction out there now. There will be around 10 trades in this year's first round. That will be the most trades in a first round in about 10 years. It's one of the changes the salary slotting will bring to the draft. Teams are no longer afraid of the financial cost to move up.

The Browns are a great case-in-point here. Obviously there were some legit fears about another team (perhaps the Jets?) moving up in front of the Browns to secure Trent Richardson. We just found out how much the Browns value the Alabama RB. It's a great move for Cleveland, which really needs to surround Colt McCoy with some weapons since drafting a QB early doesn't seem likely. Of course, they do have the 22nd overall pick still, and could surprise and pull the trigger on a QB like Brandon Weeden there.

Hull: Adam Schefter is reporting the Jaguars are trying to trade up from the No. 7 pick to secure Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon. We've known all along that the Jags have valued taking a receiver high in the draft, now they're showing just how much. Jacksonville could try to go to No. 4 where the Vikings currently are or No. 5 with Tampa Bay. The Jags need to get in front of the Rams at No. 6 to secure Blackmon.

Tampa Bay seems like a more likely trading partner. If the rumors that the Vikings value Morris Claiborne as the No. 1 player on their board are true, moving down to No. 7 would almost eliminate their chances of selecting him.

1. Indianapolis Colts select Stanford QB Andrew Luck

Horkman: There’s a reason we’ve known Luck would go No. 1 in the last year. He’s the best QB prospect in the last 20 years. His arm strength, accuracy, and athleticism are outstanding. You often see him put the ball where only his receiver can make the catch. It reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. I can’t reiterate how much I love that he ran Stanford’s offense. Peyton Manning did this, too. How’d that work out Colt fans?

Hull: Shocker, right? Luck isn't the reason I'm interested in the Colts draft. They have so many holes to fill. I'm more interested to see what the Colts place around Luck later in the draft. They need to add a lot of substance to their team over the next three days.

Tyler: WHAT?! Luck... who would have thought?

2. Washington Redskins select Baylor QB Robert Griffin III

Horkman: In any other year, RG3 would‘ve gone No. 1 overall. His athleticism is rare, as he creates something out of nothing. We’ve heard about his ability outside of the pocket, but he’s not afraid to deliver the ball from the pocket and take a big hit in the process. I think he deserves more credit for elevating the players around him. Look, Washington gave up three first round picks to move up for RG3. That’s a statement. He’s not just a franchise QB. He is the franchise.

Hull: Double duh! I'm just going to speak as a fan here. After all, that's what I am. I'm a fan with the good fortune to have a place where I can voice my opinion. I'm a Cowboys fan, though. So naturally, anything the Redskins do gets an emotional rise out of me.

I hate that the 'Skins just got Griffin. He's one of my favorite QBs I've ever watched at the collegiate level. I don't see many negatives to his game at all past him having to adjust to a pro-style offense. The fact he's in Washington actually stings me a bit. He's a guy I'd love to cheer for. Now, I'm forced to have a bit of hate in my heart for him.

3. Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota) select Alabama RB Trent Richardson

Horkman: I had this theory that Mike Holmgren would see Sterling Sharpe in Justin Blackmon. My bad. The truth is Richardson is the third best player in this draft. He’s a three-down player. You’ll see him used in the passing game or even as a pass protector. In fact, just look up his Ole Miss highlights. That’ll breakdown Richardson better than anything will.

Now the drama begins.

Tyler: If the Browns play their cards right, I fully expect them to have the best draft class this year. Richardson sets the tone for the offense and gives McCoy a lot of leeway. As long as they get a big-time receiver (Wright, Hill), added with their top-10 defense, they could seriously make a some noise next season.

Horkman: Did Gene Smith just do something conventional? Jacksonville moves up to No. 5 to land Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon.

4. Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland) select USC OT Matt Kalil

Horkman: Give the Vikings credit. They manipulated the draft in order to acquire extra picks. They still got their guy. Former USC tackle Tyrone Smith, who was last year’s No. 9 overall pick, played right tackle because Kalil was the foundation on the left side. The Cowboys are moving Smith to left tackle this year. That should tell you about Kalil.

Tyler: Ah ha! Just as I suspected. The Vikings could not afford to allow the beating of their brittle franchise quarterback from the left side any longer. I like this pick, they're getting a 12-year starter at left tackle.

Casey: Great pick. Vikings are winning the draft.

Hull: So the rumors about Claiborne being at the top of the Vikings draft board were incorrect. Or maybe he was, but Kalil does fill the bigger need. There isn't a single LT on the Vikes' current roster. Kalil has tremendous ability and a pedigree. His brother Ryan is one of the best linemen in the draft at center for the Carolina Panthers.

And the Jaguars traded up to No. 5 as reported. Justin Blackmon, or maybe Claiborne, is about the come off the board. My money is on Blackmon.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tampa Bay) select Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon

Horkman: Good move for the Jags. They need to give Blaine Gabbert as many weapons as he needs to succeed. One of the most productive players in the draft, Blackmon is a strong receiver capable of beating press coverage. However, his vertical straight-line speed is overrated, so don’t expect him to outrun coverage. Instead, he uses his size and physicality to position himself to snatch the ball out of the air with his strong hands.

Tyler: Didn't see it coming, but this is definitely the guy Chad Henne needs to become a valuable quarterback. And yes, I did just project the Jags' starting QB. Sorry Blaine.

Hull: Forget about the size and look at the film. Blackmon is the real deal. He plays much bigger than he is. The Jags just filled their biggest need.

But let's move on... The next pick is much more important to this fan. :)

6. Dallas Cowboys (from St. Louis) select LSU CB Morris Claiborne

Hull: Great aggressive move by the Cowboys. This is a huge need and Dallas just nabbed one of the top four players in the draft. He's an elite CB prospect and fits Rob Ryan's defense perfectly. With the addition of Brandon Carr, CB just became a position of strength for Dallas.

Casey: The Cowboys appeared to be looking at Dontari Poe and Mark Barron, who were two guys who had potential, but that were also considerably flawed. Morris Claiborne is the top corner in the draft, and the kind of physical corner that is successful in today's NFL.

Tyler: Claiborne is a game-changer on defense. He will shut down your best receiver. Not only did Dallas make the Bucs feel bad about themselves, but it is getting a Champ- Bailey-like player in the secondary. Well played.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville) select Alabama S Mark Barron

Tyler: Mark Barron is by far the best safety in his class, but the Buccaneers are taking him as a constellation prize after losing Claiborne. Tampa Bay's front office is really kicking itself right now and rightfully so. They're losing the draft right now."

Horkman: Barron has the athleticism and size to matchup with today’s modern tight end, which makes him a valuable commodity. This pick is all about getting physical with New Orleans TE Jimmy Graham. That should be fun to watch.

8. Miami Dolphins select Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill

Horkman: Bad teams make bad decisions. The Dolphins are a bad team. They failed to land Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, so they’re panicking. Tannehill shouldn’t be a top 10 pick. Frankly, I wouldn’t pick him in the first round, but the demand in QBs is driving up their value. See Christian Ponder to Minnesota last year as an example.

Tannehill is a strong-armed QB that possesses the athleticism to throw on the run. That’s all good, but he forces the issue too much. Does he play with enough control? The answer right now is no. Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman will need time to develop him. Even then, I see only an adequate signal caller.

Hull: Tannehill's father was actually my freshman basketball coach. We graduated from the same high school. Obviously, I'm a fan of him.

I don't think he would be worth the No. 8 selection for every team in the league. But, for the Dolphins? This is a great pick. It's a wonderful situation for Tannehill. There are QBs there to bridge the gap and he gets the familiar feeling of working with Mike Sherman, who coached him at Texas A&M. He needs a couple years, but his potential is through the roof.

Great kid from a great family. I couldn't be happier for him.

Casey: I have Ryan Tannehill as my second best quarterback in the draft. Some of that is because I'm lower on RG3 than most, but I'm also very high on Tannehill. He's got a experience in a pro-style offense, a quick release, and throws well on the run. He's an ideal fit for Miami's new offense, and though he wasn't a great value I think he's got Pro Bowls in his future.

And i think he'll be successful in his second season.

Tyler: I'm not a Tannehill fan, but if he's going to go in the first round, the Dolphins are the best fit for him. Joe Philbin paced offense, former Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman calling the plays. He'll take a year or two to develop under two veteran QBs and potentially become the franchise player Miami hopes him to be.

9. Carolina Panthers select Boston College LB Luke Kuechly

Hull: Kuechly is a sure deal for me. He can excel as an OLB or MLB for the Panthers depending on the health of Jon Beason. Another pick in this draft that I really like.

Horkman: Everybody loves Kuechly. He’s smart, productive, and instinctive. He’ll be a popular defensive rookie of the year pick.

Tyler: 532 career tackles in three seasons? Are you kidding me? That's insane, and it means that he's all over the field—all the time. This kid played high school at Saint Xavier, Cincinnati (my brother went there) and all I've ever been told is that he's an extremely hard working, intelligent human being with the will to win. Great pick by the Panthers, although I expected them to take Fletcher Cox.

10. Buffalo Bills select South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore

Horkman: No tackle is worth this pick, so credit Buffalo for trusting their board. Gilmore doesn’t come with as much fanfare as Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick does, but he’s the defensive back with the best combination of athleticism and size. His consistency needs work, but with development, he could be a No. 1 starter on the outside. He matches up with Rob Gronkowski.

Hull: Gilmore has been a late riser in the draft. I love the physical way he plays the game. I've been higher on him than most throughout the draft process. His value finally got to where I thought it should be all along in the past couple weeks.

11. Kansas City Chiefs select Memphis DT Dontari Poe

Hull: I think Poe can be as disruptive as any DT in this draft. He disappears on film, but athleticism for a guy his size is beyond rare. If Romeo Crennel can't inspire Poe to be consistent, then no one can.

Horkman: Poe gets a bad rap. He was doubled and tripled team at Memphis. He had very little help. Put him in Kansas City’s defense and he’ll stop the run, which the Chiefs need to improve on. If he faces double teams in the pros, it frees up room for Kansas City’s linebackers.

Tyler: I understand Kansas City's decision to select a defensive tackle. Other than guard, it's the biggest need on its board. I just personally think Fletcher Cox is more valuable at the position and he gives you more bang for your buck. But we'll see.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle) select Mississippi State DT Fletcher Cox

Hull: Figured Cox was the target as soon as I saw the trade. He's a great fit for the Eagles' defense and can disrupt from a NT or 3-technique. Rumors were the Eagles treasured Cox and would have considered moving up into the top 10 to get him if they felt they needed to. Turns out they didn't and get much better value here.

Tyler: The Eagles' young linebacker corps was blamed for the inability to stop the run. However, it was the inconsistent defensive line that was the main cause, especially up the middle. Cox is a great addition and should have an immediate impact plugging that hole.

13. Arizona Cardinals select Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd

Hull: The Cardinals have needed to find a complement for Larry Fitzgerald since Anquan Boldin left. Now, they have that. Floyd is more impressive physically than Justin Blackmon. He's not as impressive on film, but that's not really an insult, either. Some teams valued Floyd above Blackmon. Kevin Kolb just got one less excuse to not succeed as Cards' QB.

Tyler: The addition of Michael Floyd opposite of Larry Fitzgerald gives the Cardinals an extremely dangerous receiver corps. It's a shame that they have no one throwing the ball to them. Zinger!

Horkman: Good pick. Floyd’s a big, athletic, and sure-handed receiver with the upside to develop into a No. 1 target. His ability after the catch is underrated and he aggressively goes after the ball in the air. At the combine, he proved his vertical straight-line speed is good enough to make him a threat outside the numbers.

14. St. Louis Rams (from Dallas) select LSU DT Michael Brockers

Tyler: Brockers is an elite run stopper, something the Rams desperately need after allowing over 150 yards on the ground per game last season. He's a developing pass rusher, but is a raw talent and will continue to improve there. Jeff Fisher loves his defensive linemen and he's getting a good one here.

Horkman: This has Jeff Fisher’s hands all over it. He likes to build around his defensive line. Brockers is a developmental prospect. He uses his hands well to fend off offensive linemen. Has the versatility to play in a 4-3 or 3-4. He’s a strong tackler, who pounces on running backs. Best football is obviously ahead of him, though it may take a year or two until he lives up to his draft billing.

15. Seattle Seahawks (from Philadelphia) select West Virginia LB Bruce Irvin

Tyler: The first shock of the draft goes to the Seattle Seahawks as they select OLB Bruce Irvin from West Virginia. I had him in the third round (No. 68) to the Buccaneers. Definitely could have got better value with this pick.

Casey: I was really excited to analyze the Seahawks taking David DeCastro or Cordy Glenn. Or Quinton Coples. Or Chandler Jones. Or Stephen Hill. Or Riley Rieff. Or anyone not named Bruce Irvin. Irvin is a really terrible value here, and while he'll be able to function well in the LEO position that the Seahawks employ on their defensive line, that is more a product of the scheme marginalizing the position rather than elite talent. Bruce Irvin is the criminal version of Aaron Maybin.

16. N.Y. Jets select North Carolina DE Quinton Coples

Horkman: I’m lukewarm on this selection. Coples has off the charts athleticism. He has the size of a defensive lineman, but the athleticism of a 3-4 OLB. He’s best with his hand in the dirt, however, where he can rush the passer from the inside or outside. A top 10 talent after his junior season, but really dropped off in his senior campaign.

Tyler: Coples is a great athlete and can be a great pass rusher. When he tries. He's lackadaisical and doesn't give 100 percent every play. He gave himself a C for his effort as a Tar Heel last year. I don't like this pick, this is a bust for the Jets who needed a lot of help on the edge (Melvin Ingram).

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland) select Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick

Horkman: Kirkpatrick’s long arms allow him to engage and press receivers. However, he needs to get more physical against the run, especially in the AFC North. Receivers turn him around too often, but I have a ton of respect for Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. I think he can make this pick work.

Tyler: Cincinnati gets a hard-hitting cover corner with Kirkpatrick. He would have been gone at 20, so this is a solid pick. I figured DeCastro would have been at the top of the Bengals' board, if available, though.

Hull: Kirkpatrick had a off-the-field issue a couple months ago, but he's not the typical Bengals troubled player. It seems to be an isolated incident. Kirkpatrick does not have a history of getting in trouble. This is very good value for a CB who could emerge as a prime starter in the league.

18. San Diego Chargers select Melvin Ingram, LB, South Carolina

Hull: Truly a perfect fit for the Chargers. They have needed a strong pass rush since Shawne Merriman left. The Chargers do have needs on the OL, but there are going to be some adequate guys available for the OL in the second and third rounds.

Board really sets up for the Bears to get a good OL, though.

Tyler: Good decision for the Chargers. I like Melvin Ingram a lot and he fits their system really well as a OLB/DE.

Horkman: Ingram takes versatility to a different level. The Chargers probably see him as an outside backer. In addition, he has a high motor. I don’t know if you can find an example of him giving up on a play. His size is somewhat worrisome, though. If he were 6-5, he’d be the No. 2 player in the draft, but he’s under 6-2 and he has short arms.

19. Chicago Bears select Boise State DE/OLB Shea McClellin

Horkman: McClellin is a better athlete than he gets credit for being and he put up good production at Boise State. He consistently finishes plays, so expect to hear about his never-ending motor. There are questions about his ability against the run. He over pursues at times, but the tools are there for him to rush the QB.

Hull: The Bears once had one of the most feared defenses in the league with a lethal pass rush off the edge. They're hoping to return to that with McClellin. This is a little higher than I thought he'd go, and I did think he'd be better in a 3-4 scheme as an OLB. But the Bears traditionally like smaller DEs, making McClellin a fit.

20 Tennessee Titans select Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

Horkman: Many hold Wright in high regard, but he benefited from RG3 elevating the talent around him. In fact, he should send some of his first round money to RG3. Still, I agree with the strategy. The Titans need to surround Jake Locker with weapons. I’m just not sure they got him the right one.

Hull: There were certainly bigger needs for the Titans, but Wright is a great complement for Kenny Britt on the other side. Remember, Britt has both recent injury and off-the-field issues, so Wright also gives insurance at the position.

21. New England Patriots (from Cincinnati) select Syracuse DE/OLB Chandler Jones

Horkman: Jones has rare versatility. His current athleticism and playing weight (265) makes him an ideal 3-4 outside backer. In addition, he has incredible arm length and he uses those arms well to engage and fend off offensive tackles. However, he’s still growing into his body. At 6-5, he’s somewhat lanky, so I can see him adding 15-20 pounds of muscle and ultimately playing end.

Hull: I never got on the whole Jones bandwagon. I didn't understand the hype of him being in the top 10 let alone him being a first rounder. But he's got some versatility so I understand the Patriots' desire to grab him.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta) select Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden

Hull: Look out Colt McCoy. The competition has arrived. Forget about his age. Weeden can be ready to start right away. The Browns have to continue to add more weapons, though, and a right tackle isn't a bad idea, either.

Tyler: I'm not in agreement with the decision to select Brandon Weeden with the No. 22 overall pick. I think the Browns could have got him at No. 37 and now they're going to miss out on Stephen Hill.

Horkman: For what it’s worth, Weeden beat Luck, RG3, and Tannehill this season.

23. Detroit Lions select Iowa OT Riley Reiff

Horkman: Reiff is a good player coming out of Kirk Ferentz’s program. He’s well coached and a fine technician, as a result. If he could play left tackle, he would’ve went much higher than this. Should be a solid starting right tackle or could kick inside to play guard. The Lions need help in both areas.

Tyler: Detroit is ecstatic that Riley Reiff fell so far. 34-year-old LT Jeff Backus is on the decline and Reiff could start right away.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers select Stanford OG David DeCastro

Horkman: Plug DeCastro in your lineup and you have a starting guard for the next 10 seasons. He’s a mauler. In fact, his run blocking is so ferocious it overshadows his pass protection, which is good on its own right. Overall, he’s an elite guard prospect that plays with the nastiness that will keep his opponents up the night before the game. That is the definition of Pittsburgh football.

25. New England Patriots (from Denver) select Alabama LB Dont'a Hightower

Horkman: Hightower is a downhill backer with the versatility to rush the passer from a number of positions.

Tyler: New England seemingly has already taken care of its two greatest needs with two new pass rushers in the front seven. This makes them Super Bowl favorites, right? Right?

Hull: We are rapid fire now! Another pick is in as the previous one is annouced. How odd is it to the see the Patriots trade up into the first round rather than trading out?! There's a chance they won't have two first round picks in next year's draft. That's the real story here! Not who they drafted.

26. Houston Texans select Illinois DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus

Hull: This is one of my favorite players in the draft. I think he's been underrated throughout this process. Not to mention, he's got a great name to be a dominant defender in the league. I mean with a name that sounds like "merciless" he has to be on the verge of being dominant right? With a little coaching up on pass rushing techniques, the Texans just got a great pass rusher.

Tyler: Well, my Coby Fleener to Houston prediction is dead and gone.

Casey: I'm not a huge fan of Whitney Mercilus as a linebacker in a 3-4. I do though, think that he's one of the most gifted pass rushers in the draft. If he's off the field on first downs this pick makes a lot of sense. I think Courtney Upshaw would have made a lot more sense though.

Hull: I think this just reinforces the rumors about several teams not seeing Upshaw as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. Many are said to like him more as a 4-3 DE, but he doesn't have a lot of experience at the position, which does leave him someone positionless. That's why he's still on the board.

Tyler: Mercilus led the NCAA with 16 sacks last season in his only year of production. Hopefully he continues to be an elite pass rusher at the NFL level, or he'll be forever labeled as a one-hit wonder.

Casey: Illinois seems to breed one-hit wonders.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (from New England) select Wisconsin C/G Kevin Zeitler

Hull: Zeitler is a great road grater. Plus, he's from Wisconsin. There are two colleges I always trust with offensive linemen -- Wisconsin and Iowa. There's still a great Badger OL on the board, too, with center Peter Konz.

28. Green Bay Packers select USC DE/OLB Nick Perry

Horkman: In 2010, the Packers were second in sacks, but they finished 27th last year. Many blame DE Cullen Jenkins’ departure for the significant drop, but the Packers have nobody opposite of OLB Clay Matthews, either.

Perry gets off the ball quicker than any rusher in the draft. As a result, he’s constantly disrupting the QB and making plays in the backfield. He sometimes relies too much on his takeoff speed instead of engaging tackles. Frankly, he’s better with his hand in the dirt, where he can take advantage of his acceleration. The Packers see him as an OLB, obviously.

Tyler: Green Bay gets the linebacker it needs. Outstanding pick up for a defense that really needed the push.

Hull: I swear I had just told Mr. Horkman, "Nick Perry would be interesting for GB." Then they made the pick. He's a great athlete who is just tapping into his potential. Perry will be a much better pro than he was a college player.

29. Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore) select Notre Dame S Harrison Smith

Hull: Smith has some good ball skills, but I'm not sold on him as a first rounder. He's a solid player, but a first rounder? I know he had some Kiper-hype behind him, but I still don't place him in the first round at all. Let alone one worth trading up for.

Horkman: Smith is an instinctive player, who coverage a lot of range. He reads and reacts well in the passing game. However, he’s not an overly athletic safety. In other words, I wouldn’t want him isolated in one on one in coverage. Let him roam on the backend.

30. San Francisco 49ers select Illinois WR A.J. Jenkins

Horkman: Jenkins is a dynamic vertical threat. He has legitimate sub 4.4 speed and doesn’t slow down while changing direction. However, his blocking needs a ton of a work, which makes it ironic that San Francisco took him. He’s a good player, but he's not one of this draft's 30 best players.

Tyler: I don't think he's better than Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery or Reuben Randle. SF must see something in him that I don't.

Hull: The Niners obviously wanted a receiver to stretch the field, which eliminated Jeffery and Randle from the equation. Hill could make sense, but one thing Jenkins has more then Hill is refinement. He's a more finished product. But Hill definitely has more potential. I'm a big Jenkins fan, but this is a reach.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from New England via Denver) select Boise State RB Doug Martin

Hull: I love this pick. Martin is definitely worth trading back into the first-round for. He can do it all, and will end up being featured more than LaGarrette Blount in Tampa. The Buccs picked up two very good players today. Players that will have an immediate impact.

Horkman: A small compact runner, Martin is a hard runner, decent receiver, and a willing blocker. Despite his size, he runs between the tackles well and plays the game faster than his forty may indicate. He’s a complete back and many are comparing him to Baltimore RB Ray Rice. The Bucs were wise to jump the Giants, as the G-Men may have been in play for Martin.

Tyler: Greg Schiano stated that he wasn't high on LaGarrette Blount as a starter and hinted that he'd like to bring in some competition. After trading up with Denver, the Buccaneers steal Doug Martin from the Giants. This is a good pick.

32. N.Y. Giants select Virginia Tech RB David Wilson

Horkman: Wilson shows good vision and changes direction very well. His ball security is a major red flag. He could find himself on the bench a lot because of fumbles. Haven’t we been here before Giants fans?

Tyler: I think the Giants could have got better value for their pick. Drafting the fifth-best running back in the first round isn't considered ideal. Coby Fleener, Jonathan Martin and Stephen Hill were all available.

Hull: OK, first-round is over. Parting shots guys...

Casey: Pete Carroll hates former USC players, and Mike Brown hates former Cincinnati Bengals fans.

Tyler: I'm pleased that the first round only took three hours. I think it went smoothly and timely. That said, I'm incredibly surprised with how everything panned out. I knew there were going to be a lot of trades, but I'm disappointed with how a few choice teams utilized their picks (ex. TB, SEA, NYJ, CIN). The winners and losers from the first round are very obvious.

Hull: That wraps up our coverage. There were nine trades today. I called for about 10, so I wasn't too far off. Tomorrow promises to be just as entertaining. Join Matt, Tyler and Casey over the next two days for the live blog and remember to check out our first-round analysis before tomorrow's second and third rounds.

Thanks for joining us!

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