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2013 Team Needs: NFC North
By Matt Horkman

Chicago Bears
A complete overhaul of the offensive line isn’t out of question for Chicago this off-season. The starting point may very well be on the left side, where the Bears could bring in two new starters. There’s also a significant need for a tight end, especially as the offense looks to utilize the position more in ‘13 -- opposed to the previous three seasons. Finally, Brian Urlacher is a free agent, and his future with the team is murky to say the least. It's time for new blood at MIKE linebacker.
Calvin Johnson
Team Needs: MLB, OLG, OLT, & TE

Detroit Lions
While Calvin Johnson's coming off the first ever 1,900-yard season, it would serve Detroit well to find a complimentary player opposite of him. The majority of their focus, however, will turn to the defensive side of the ball. Detroit needs help at all three phases of the defense with a corner being the biggest priority. An outside linebacker to makeup for potential free agent losses and a pass rushing end are also significant concerns. 

Team Needs: CB, DE, OLB, & WR

Green Bay Packers
The Packers are perennial Super Bowl contenders because of Aaron Rodgers, but 2013 may prove to be a transition year for Green Bay, as they make several key decisions regarding long-time players. The first was Charles Woodson, and his absence is sure to hit the locker room hard. They have a couple of safety prospects, but all are flawed, and none is likely to develop into the next Nick Collins. The offensive line is also a major obstacle for Green Bay. They have three competent to very good starters in Bryan Bulaga, T.J. Lang, and Josh Sitton. They’re a center and left tackle away from solidify the unit for the first time in years. Finally, this team needs a bell cow capable of handling full-time duties to take pressure off Rodgers and the receiving corps.

Team Needs: C, FS, OLT, & RB

Minnesota Vikings
Finding a receiving threat on the outside tops Minnesota’s list of needs. Losing Percy Harvin exposed them, as the team had no legitimate receiving threat other than TE Kyle Rudolph. Look for the Vikings to turn to the defensive side of the ball, too. They need to replenish the middle of their defense with upgrades at defensive tackle, middle linebacker, and strong safety. A linebacker is especially pressing, as Jasper Brinkley is among the most underwhelming starters in the NFL.

Team Needs: DT, MLB, SS, & WR

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