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NFL Odds Preview - Round 1 Playoff Predictions
By Jake Thompson

2013 nfl playoff predictionsWe've come a long way since week 9 when we were 47-54 against the betting odds.  Since then we've had winning weeks in 6 of the last 7 sets of predictions and capped off a huge 2nd half of the regular season by doing 10-6 in week 17.  Since week 9 we are 60-38-4 and will once again finish the regular season up quite a bit of money after going 124-91 against the betting odds last year.  If you had bet $100 on all of our predictions over the last 2 seasons you'd be up around $3000!  There is still plenty of money to be made and we'll now set our sights on round 1 NFL Playoff predictions.

NFL Record Year-to-Date: 107-92-4

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts -2.5

The Colts have done a nice Jekyll and Hyde impersonation for much of the season but I have a feeling their luck runs out here.  The Chiefs are more reliable on both sides of the ball and their rushing attack should be able to move the chains against an Indianapolis defense that has struggled at times.  Kansas City's defense has been much stronger and I'm looking for an outright upset as the Chiefs send Indianapolis home for the rest of the NFL Playoffs.

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles -2.5

Philadelphia has looked like one of the most improved teams in the NFL during the 2nd half but I don't consider them to be anything better than slightly above average.  They've played weak competition and haven't always looked good doing so.  That being said, Drew Brees and the Saints usually look like garbage outdoors in cold weather so that equalizes the talent level quite a bit.  Ultimately Brees and the Saints have playoff experience that will be enough to get them a narrow road win.

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals -7

The Chargers were lucky to even make the playoffs after Kansas City's 2nd stringers missed a field goal and outplayed them in week 17.  Cincinnati is peaking at the right time and they should be able to score 34 or more while blowing out a San Diego team that is lucky to even be here.

San Francisco 49ers -2.5 at Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has lost 3 straight against the 49ers including a game at Lambeau Field last season and I don't think much changes on Sunday.  The 49ers have their offensive weapons back and are moving the ball well, while Green Bay's defense has looked below average of late.  Aaron Rodgers back is a big deal but San Francisco's defense might be the best in football and I fully expect the 49ers to win by 6 or more.

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