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2014 Senior Bowl: Stock Down
By Matt Horkman

Tajh Boyd

-- There’s no denying that Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd is a bit inconsistent. Unfortunately, for him, he has reportedly struggled with consistency this week. Specifically, his accuracy remains a work in progress, though it’s hard to imagine any NFL team expecting a refined product on day one.

Regardless, Boyd does a great job of sensing pressure within the pocket. His ability to take a negative play and turn it into a big one is sure to catch someone’s eye, even with an up-and-down week in Mobile.

-- Injuries happen, but it’s hard to see a player go down during practice. That’s exactly what happened to Oklahoma cornerback Aaron Colvin. The senior cornerback went down with a torn ACL and will likely miss the entire 2014 NFL season.

Colvin was a potential late first-round pick looking to solidify his status as one of the best cornerbacks in this draft. He never really got much of a chance. I’m sure the risk of injury is always on a player’s mind, though I don’t believe it should discourage (see below) somebody from participating in this week’s event. 

Still, football is a cutthroat business. Nobody is going to select Colvin out of pity. Team doctors will evaluate him, but his best outlook is being drafted on the third day and coming back strong in 2015.

-- The decision by Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron to not participate in this year’s Senior Bowl doesn‘t make sense. McCarron must be getting bad advice because he is far from a consensus first-round pick.

The Alabama quarterback has good mechanics. He does a nice job of setting his feet before throwing the ball. He’s also an accurate passer, though he’s sometimes late with finding the open receiver.

Despite his positives, many believe McCarron is a product of Alabama’s system. He has played with a ton of great players throughout his college career and many of these players have gone onto have success in the NFL.

Most teams want their first-round quarterback to elevate the players around them. I’m not sure McCarron is that type of player. In my assessment, his teammates (and coaches) elevated him.

This would’ve been a great week for him to quiet that specific criticism. There’s not a big talent disparity at the Senior Bowl. McCarron would’ve stepped into the same situation as the other senior quarterbacks. If he’s truly the best senior quarterback, then show up and prove it.

-- A strong junior campaign put Arizona State defensive tackle Will Sutton on NFL radar. However, after weighing around 290 pounds his junior year, he played his senior season at 330 pounds. The increase in weight made him a non-existent player. His performance against Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl was downright dreadful. Frankly, it was as if he wasn’t on the field.

Nevertheless, he was still a first-team All-American in 2013, though it was off reputation and not performance.

Sutton did show up at the Senior Bowl weighing 315, so he has been putting forth the effort to lose weight. Nonetheless, he's yet to regain the explosiveness that made him such a dangerous player as a junior.

-- You would expect Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas to thrive in a practice environment. He does have a cannon arm, great size, and the mobility to extend the play. Because of these attributes, he’s a good candidate to perform well at his pro day.

Any potential buyer should be skeptical, though. None of his positives matter if he can’t throw an accurate ball. Of the six quarterbacks at this year’s Senior Bowl, he’s definitely the least accurate. He also has terrible mechanics.

He has received mix reviews for his performance this week. Those that like him like him because of his size and arm. However, there’s a lot of bad tape (namely against Alabama) that an NFL team will have to overlook if they’re to invest a draft pick in him.

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