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NFL Odds Preview - Super Bowl Predictions
By Jake Thompson

2014 super bowl predictionIt has been a long season but with only the Super Bowl left we are once again assured a winning record for the second year in a row!  Our AFC Championship Game prediction on the Denver Broncos beating the New England Patriots by 5.5 or more was an easy winner, although our NFC Championship Game prediction on the San Francisco 49ers losing by 3.5 or less, or winning outright, against the Seattle Seahawks proved to be a failure in a close game that could have gone either way.  With only the Super Bowl matchup between the Broncos and the Seahawks left out there as we wrap up the NFL season, lets go out on top with a winning prediction in the big game.

NFL Record Year-to-Date: 113-96-4

Denver Broncos -2 versus Seattle Seahawks

There are a number of ways to look at the Super Bowl when making a prediction.  First, the Broncos are a team that can run the ball but really the running game is only open because quarterback Peyton Manning and his pass catching options keep opposing defenses honest.  Seattle has one of the best coverage secondaries in the history of the sport and opposing teams have found it nearly impossible to pass on the Seahawks this year.  With Seattle having the luxury of not having to employ extra personnel in pass coverage, they will find it much easier to stop the Denver rushing attack.

Seattle's offense has struggled at times this season and Denver's defense is playing very well lately.  That being said, the defenses that the Seahawks have been sluggish against are all better than what the Broncos offer and Denver's defense still has a ton of holes.  Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is a threat both with his legs and his arm and running back Marshawn Lynch should be able to find holes all day as long as the Seahawks find a bit of success through the air.

One key thing to consider when making your Super Bowl prediction is that Denver quarterback Peyton Manning has struggled badly throughout his career when playing outdoors in bad weather.  The 2014 Super Bowl is expected to be very cold and a bit of snow wouldn't surprise anyone.  Manning has undoubtedly improved in the elements since moving from the indoor Lucas Oil Stadium when he was a member of the Indianapolis Colts to the outdoor Sports Authority Field at Mile High as a member of the Broncos, but those concerns are still with him as he has not looked sharp in bad weather.

Ultimately our 2014 Super Bowl prediction has to be on the Seahawks winning this game and I don't expect it to be all that close.  Seattle's defense matches up perfectly against the Denver offense and I believe the Seahawks can move the ball all day on a very overrated Broncos defense that doesn't play well when Manning and company haven't staked out a nice lead.  The Seahawks win this game 34-17 and prove the best teams in the NFL this year are on the NFC side of things.

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