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2014 NFL Free Agency Preview: Quarterbacks
By Matt Horkman

Matt Cassel, Minnesota Vikings
After opting out of the final year of his contract, Cassel is set to hit free agency. He started his career backing up Tom Brady in New England, so any connections to New England could be clues to his landing spot. The Texans immediately come to mind, given their need for a quarterback. The Vikings also may want him back, but they played musical chars with their quarterbacks last season, so it’s unclear whether Cassel wants to return. Watch out for Tampa Bay, who needs somebody to compete with Mike Glennon.

Possible Destinations: Buccaneers, Texans, & Vikings

Kellen Clemens, St. Louis Rams
After starting quarterback Sam Bradford tore his ACL, St. Louis handed the keys over to Clemens for the team’s final nine games. The Rams didn’t ask him to do much, and he responded by doing very little. Expect somebody (possibly the Rams) to give Clemens an opportunity as a backup.

Possible Destinations: Jaguars & Rams

Josh Freeman, Minnesota Vikings
Any team that was interested in trading for Freeman during the season is a possible landing spot for him this off-season. The Bills showed interest in him after starting quarterback E.J. Manuel went down with an injury last October. Perhaps they’ll kick the tires on Freeman backing up Manuel, though Freeman wants to start. The only destination that may offer a starting opportunity to him is Oakland, as they were interested in him as a starter last season.

Possible Destinations: Bills & Raiders

Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers
Sometimes a player and a team just go together well. That seems to be the case with Flynn and the Packers. Green Bay wouldn’t have made the playoffs without Flynn, who played well in his last three starts. Nevertheless, Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy is immensely high on Scott Tolzien. Supporting Tolzien over Flynn would be a mistake, but if McCarthy decides to go in that direction, then Miami and New York represent potential landing spots for Flynn.

Possible Destination: Dolphins, Giants, & Packers

Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars
Appearing in 15 games for Jacksonville, Henne threw 13 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and 3,241 yards. The Jaguars are desperate to develop a young quarterback, but they’d like to keep a veteran presence in the quarterback room. They intend to talk to Henne prior to free agency. Unless he opts to backup an established starter, he’s a good bet to return to Jacksonville.

Possible Destinations: Jaguars & Rams

Josh McCown, Chicago Bears
Quality backup quarterbacks are hard to find and McCown kept Chicago in the divisional race, while Jay Cutler nursed an ankle injury. McCown had 13 touchdown passes and one interception in eight games, so the Bears obviously want him back. However, Tampa and even Oakland could offer a better opportunity to start. The Jets are also interested.

Possible Destinations: Bears, Buccaneers, Jets, & Raiders

Colt McCoy, San Francisco 49ers
McCoy will be just 28 when the season begins, so he’s still young enough to develop into a quality backup quarterback. A return to San Francisco makes sense, as would any team running a west coast offense that needs a backup quarterback. There are also rumblings about Philadelphia eyeing McCoy as Nick Foles’ backup.

Possible Destinations: 49ers, Bears, Eagles, & Seahawks

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles
Once feared as one of the game’s most dangerous players, Vick’s candle is beginning to burn out. He’s Michael Vickeager to prove that notion wrong in 2014, and he‘ll likely have an opportunity, as there are enough teams desperate enough for a starter to give him his last chance.

Possible Destinations: Browns, Buccaneers, Jets, Raiders, & Vikings

Best of the Rest
Derek Anderson, Carolina Panthers
Rex Grossman, Washington
Shaun Hill, Detroit Lions
Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks
Luke McCown, New Orleans Saints

Update: Minnesota re-signed Matt Cassel to a two-year, $10 million deal. Jacksonville also re-signed Chad Henne to a two-year deal.

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