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2014 NFL Free Agency Preview: Tight Ends
By Matt Horkman

Scott Chandler, Buffalo Bills
Last season, despite not playing with a competent quarterback, Chandler caught 53 passes for 655 yards and two touchdowns. He’s a good, dependable player that’ll likely come with a reasonable price tag.

Possible Destinations: Bills, Falcons, Giants, Jets, & Packers

Garrett Graham, Houston Texans
Because of Owen Daniels’ presence, Graham -- who caught 49 passes last season -- isn’t likely to return to Houston. A team running some variation of the west coast offense could show interest.

Possible Destinations: Chiefs, Dolphins, Giants, Packers, & Texans

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
By placing the franchise tag on Graham, New Orleans all but ensured he would remain with the organization through 2014. The Saints had every incentive to keep him around, as he’s one of the most productive players in football. However, the two sides disagree on Graham’s designation as a tight end. He considers himself a receiver, while they consider him a tight end. The difference in money is about $5 million. The Saints would like to lock him up long-term before the start of training camp, as the risk of a holdout could be high, especially since the NFL sided with New Orleans on Graham's designation.

Possible Destination: Saints
Jermichael Finley
Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers
A medical decision pertaining to Finley’s playing future is coming. If team doctors clear him, he’ll be the most sought after tight end on the market. Finley possess the athleticism to lineup as a receiver on the outside or even the slot. In addition, his blocking has improved considerably over the years. He turns just 27 in March, so he’s just now coming into the prime of his career. Any team with heavy Green Bay connections may show interest. Rumors suggest the Giants are an option and Finley publicly spoke about a desire to play in Seattle.

Possible Destinations: Dolphins, Falcons, Giants, Packers, & Seahawks

Brandon Myers, N.Y. Giants
After a strong season in Oakland, Myers signed with New York last off-season. Because the Giants needed him to block more, his receiving numbers regressed in 2013. He’s capable of moving the sticks, though, which is an asset every passing game needs.

Possible Destination: Buccaneers, Giants, Falcons, Lions, & Ravens

Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions
A throwback tight end, Pettigrew is as renowned for his blocking as much as he is a pass catcher. He had strong seasons in 2010 and 2011, but his production in the passing game tailored off the last two years.

Possible Destinations: Jets, Lions, Packers, Rams, & Seahawks

Andrew Quarless, Green Bay Packers
One of this year’s lesser-known free agents, Quarless possesses excellent athleticism and size. He’s yet to live up to his potential, but he’s only 25, and the Packers have shown patience in trying to develop him. Somebody else may ultimately reap the rewards, as the Chiefs, Dolphins, Giants, and Raiders all have connections through Quarless via their Green Bay link.

Possible Destinations: Chiefs, Dolphins, Giants, Packers, & Raiders

Best of the Rest
Fred Davis, Washington
Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens
Jeff Cumberland, N.Y. Jets
Dustin Keller, Miami Dolphins
Kellen Winslow, N.Y. Jets

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