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The Bubble is a scary place!
By Reel Robinson

Bubbles will be bursting! Selection Sunday is here The Last Four In and out

For some teams today will end their 2013-2014 season in a disappointing fashion. After a long grueling schedule and these young ball players playing their hearts out it will all come down to Selection Sunday. The committee will come together to grade and analyze the teams who did not receive automatic bids from winning their conference tournaments. They will also study strength of schedule, conference competition and play during times with or without a teams impact players. These aspects combined will dictate the final result of the top 65 NCAA basketball programs of the 2013-2014 season. In this process there will be teams who played well and still did not have the resume to get them in to the big dance. Some crushed dreams for seniors of those programs and NIT selections for other squads. This is the day these kids worked all year for, so the discussion of some of those teams that may have squeaked themselves into the tourney and those who may have played themselves out of it has begun.

Teams have been fighting all year to have the opportunity to play in the tournament. Some teams have acquired resumes that will propel them past others. Here are my projected teams with the highest chance to get in the tourney.

Nebraska: Big Ten (19-12) RPI: 46

Nebraska is a team that played pretty strong in a tough conference but did little to nothing in their out of conference schedule. Although they did lack depth on their schedule a few key wins over Wisconsin, Minnesota and at Michigan State may lock them into one of those coveted final spots come Sunday night.

Dayton: Atlantic-10 (23-10) RPI: 44

Dayton is one of the strongest teams that sit on the bubble. They managed to defeat UMASS, Saint Louis and Gonzaga this season. They had an impressive 10-7 record over the Top 100 teams in the country. They have shown the ability to compete with the best teams and that quality will rate high in the eyes of the committee. 

Southern Missouri: AAC (23-9) RPI: 54

SMU has the best chance to snag one of those last four spots in my opinion. They have wins over tournament bound teams Memphis and Cincinnati. They also swept conference powerhouse UCONN in the regular season. Although taking an early round loss to lack luster Houston did not help in their case for a bid I believe they have done enough to lock in a spot.

NC State: ACC (21-13) RPI: 53

The argument was made when Dukes Coach K told the press he thought the NC State wildcats should be in the NCAA tournament. This was coming after the Blue devils defeated the wildcats to go the ACC championship game against Virginia. NC State did defeat Syracuse and played a tough conference schedule. They have a star player in T.J. Warren (ACC player of the year) who could be extremely impactful in the big dance. They also beat a talented Tennessee team at Tennessee during the season. We will see what the committee has to say about NC State after Coach K made his opinion known.

There are a few teams that have to sit and wait for a spot this Sunday evening. These teams withstood the long season but struggled in areas that may affect their chances at a bid in the big dance. Programs like Arkansas, Florida State, Clemson and Minnesota may be the last few teams looking in when it is all said and done. We will await the committee and their decision on those teams. There are only 65 spots available and with all the automatic bids to be locked up by the end of the afternoon today there will be limited space for mediocre or struggling teams. The season could be at its end for some of these programs or resulting in an honorable NIT tourney bid. Who do you think will be left out of the NCAA tournament? Comment and let me know

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