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Brackets are Full! Who do you got?
By Reel Robinson

Brackets are full!!

The NCAA tournament is finally here, brackets are filled and teams are getting their travel arrangements together to manuever to their respective regions. The uncertainty that comes from the waiting process on Selection Sunday has died down and everyone is preparing to play the best six games of their life (seven games for a few teams). In an extended field of 68, which I didn’t find out until after they were chosen, the parody across the board is astonishing this year making for a very unpredictable tourney to come. The tournament challenge of picking the most accurate bracket will be an interesting one. So I want to analyze each region in detail this week. This piece is just to enlighten you on who made it and where they fell in the selection process.

The overall No. 1 seeds were not a surprise after yesterday’s conference championship games ended. Michigan was a stern favorite to take that last spot but losing to Michigan State in the Big Ten finals pretty convincingly pushed the Wolverines to a No. 2 seed. Virginia who actually won the ACC and then defeated Duke yesterday to win the ACC tourney title solidified their spot as the final No. 1 seed and deservingly so. So rounding out the one seeds were No. 1 overall Florida (South Region), Arizona (West Region), Wichita State (Midwest Region) and Virginia who will take the helm in the East Region. After looking over all of these teams resumes there was no debate necessary for the committee decision except if you were a Louisville fan who got a meager No. 4 seed in arguably the most difficult region (Midwest Region).

Kansas, Michigan, Villanova and Wisconsin took the two seeds last night. All four of these teams had legitimate chances at the last open one slot but they took early losses in their conference tournaments that ultimately held them back. Michigan is a two seed in the Midwest region against the likes of Wichita State and a slew of other tough teams that I will discuss in much more detail in the next few days.

The three and four seeds are tough matches all across the board. The three seeds consist of Creighton, Syracuse, Duke and Iowa State who won the Big 12 tournament title on Saturday. These teams are very good led by some of the best players in the country and all have great chances at advancing to the latter rounds of the tournament. The four seeds that were chosen are a bit interesting as well. Louisville -- who won the AAC title and conference tourney title as well as having one of the best records in the country -- fell to a four seed in one of the toughest regions, which is probably the most controversial pick of the tournament. The rest of the No. 4 seeds are Pac-12 Tourney champs UCLA, San Diego State, and one of the hottest teams in the field Michigan State who dominated Michigan in their third meeting of the year in the Big Ten Championship yesterday.

The tournament begins to blend after the No. 4 seeds making it hard to pick clear cut favorites. Teams like Memphis, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, and Colorado were placed at eight seeds which will pit them against their respective regions No. 1 seeds if they pass their first round opponents. The five and 12 matchups are going to be compelling as well with No. 5 seeds Cincinnati taking on a strong Harvard team and No. 5 seed Saint Louis going up against potential winner between first round foes Xavier and NC State who barely squeaked in to the big dance, but have a lot to prove now that they're in.

There are some sleepers that have the talent and ability to make a strong push in the tournament this year. Tournament veterans VCU has to take on Stephen F. Austin who held a 31-2 record during the season and will not be an easy out for anybody. The West Region has some tough teams that'll push the regions No. 1 seed Arizona to play their best ball if they want to make their Final Four run a reality. A No. 11 seed Providence could cause some trouble as well. No. 7 New Mexico will take on No. 10 Stanford in the first round which could be one of the best games to the start the tournament. Both teams are strong and can play with anyone in the country. New Mexico may be a dark horse to advance deep in the tournament (Remember who said it first).

My favorite time of the year is among us and the match ups are all set. I will go into a bit more detail on the match ups as I dive into the regions more thoroughly. We have a few days to wait and put our picks together. Who do you like to advance after seeing the seeding? Let me know in a comment.

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