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Region to Region Breakdown: East Region
By Reel Robinson

Taking a closer look at the East Region today, I will start with the No. 1 seed Virginia who won the ACC and the ACC tourney to grab that top seed from other potential candidates. They have had an amazing season and it was only fitting that the committee rewarded them for their efforts. Most basketball fans may not be up on the Cavaliers, but they are a well-coached veteran team led by senior point guard Joe Harris. They will have an interesting road to the Final Four as a No. 1 seed. Their journey may not be as difficult as the Midwest region, but the competition is definitely there.

The No. 2 seed in the East Region is Villanova. The Wildcats are a very good team out of the Big East, despite a few blowout losses to Creighton during the season and a tough first round lost in the Big East conference tournament. Their resume landed them a No. 1 seed. They'll take on a sneaky Milwaukee team, but they should be able to advance. Iowa State is a very strong No. 3 seed coming out of the East Region. They defeated Kansas in the Big 12 tournament and were pretty competitive in that rough conference all season long. The cyclones possess a lot of size in their line up and will be a tough matchup for anybody. I have them going deep in this wide open region. Their first round matchup will be against No. 13 North Carolina Central.

The East Region is wide open. The No. 4 seed Michigan State may be the toughest team in the region. After playing through injuries all season, they have finally gotten their full roster back and have been playing with urgency the last 10 games of the season, including an impressive run through the Big Ten tournament. The No. 5 seed Cincinnati, No. 6 seed North Carolina and No. 7 seed UCONN are all very good teams but their consistency is the only question. You never know what team you'll get from UNC who has some big name wins under their belt, but some head scratcher losses also. The No. 8 seed Memphis will take on No. 9 George Washington and the winner of that game will face Virginia in the second round. I think that game will play a significant role in this region. Memphis is an athletic team who plays pressure defense. I would like to see how Virginia matches up with that athleticism.

The sleeper in the East Region is No. 11 Providence. They got a high seed, but it could work out in their favor in this region. The experience of Providence may give the inconsistent Tar Heels trouble in the first round. Connecticut will take on St. Joseph, another team that will push Shabazz Napier the leader and point guard for the Huskies to raise his game to another level if he wants to go deep in this tournament. Kevin Ollie has a chance to start his own legacy at the coveted university this year. Cincy vs. No. 12 Harvard will be a great game. Cincinnati plays tough defense, but President Obama picked his alma mater to win this game and I am inclined to agree.

The East has some teams that if they get hot they can get as far as the title game. I think the committee took that into consideration when they picked this region. A lot of inconsistent teams battling to find their consistency against each other may make for compelling match ups. I have Iowa State and Michigan State battling to win this Region.

Who do you think will take the East Region? Let me know what you think in a comment.

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