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The Cinderella Story is No More! Anybody can win it all
By Reel Robinson

The competition in men’s college basketball has grown better and better over the years. The name on the jersey only plays a small role in the success of a team in the NCAA tournament. March Madness is among us and those smaller programs have already started to show their confidence with a few upsets in the first round. The Cinderella story is becoming a very lost concept because the parody in the nation is a very small line. Teams like Harvard who use to harbor non athletic academia focused players now possess players that can equally match up with the larger programs. Yesterday was a prime example of those smaller schools taking their position as contenders for a National title.

No. 12 Harvard took on No. 5 seed Cincinnati in the early games yesterday and played a strong game defeating the Bearcats in a tight one. Led by guard Wesley Saunders, Harvard advances to the 3rd round by defeating the Bearcats 61-57. Harvard was able to withstand Cincinnati's defense and stifle their offense at the same time. The Bearcats have gained a reputation of going through scoring droughts and yesterday was no different.

There were five overtime games yesterday which led to the falling of some big schools. North Dakota State took down No. 5 seed Oklahoma. The sharp shooting Big 12 team had no answer for the determined Bison. The pressure of the tournament almost collapsed the mid major school who led majority of the second half. They coughed up the lead, but managed to battle their way back from four down in the last 40 seconds to push the game to overtime and eventually take the W 80-75. 

The upsets were on full effect on the first day of March Madness. Saint Joseph was in position to take down No. 7 UCONN, but failed to close them out late in regulation. Senior point guard Shabazz Napier led the way with 24 points, making big free throws to carry the Huskies pass a first round scare. No. 6 Ohio State took a loss to No. 11 Dayton. The in state battle was one of the best of the day, but the weaknesses of the Buckeyes showed up again leaving the senior guard Aaron Craft heaving up a floater at the buzzer that rimmed out pushing the Dayton Flyers to the third round.

NC State -- who snuck their way into the tournament with some big wins down the stretch of the season and a victory in the 1st round play in game -- had a chance to take down No. 5 seed Saint Louis last night, but failing to make free throws after leading by 16 points in the 2nd half allowed STL to force the game to overtime. NC State's best player T.J. Warren then made a boneheaded foul that disqualified him from the last two minutes of the game and the Wolf Pack leader had to watch his team concede to a rough loss. The field is wide open this year. Some of these teams look equally talented as the big name schools they are taking on. Louisville squeezed by Manhattan who at times during the game looked better than the defending champions did. The cinderella story may be a thing of the past and I for one am glad to say so.

Day two starts today. Who do you think will take the upset loss or will the big schools learn their lesson after watching how teams faired yesterday?

Leave a comment and let’s discuss it.

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