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Top 10 NBA Draft Prospects
By Daniel Sandoval

1. Jabari Parker-Small Forward-Duke

Best all-around game in the draft. He can score at will and rebound, averaged 19 points and 8.7 rebounds on 47% shooting. He can be a game-changer and the face of a franchise if drafted by the right team. Hopefully he can show up in big games once he's in the league.

2. Joel Embiid-Center-Kansas

Easily the most important player on Kansas, and the best big man in the draft. This versatile center is heavily favored to go No.1. Great size, foot work and defense which is exactly what Cleveland needs.Andrew Wiggins & Jabari Parker

3. Andrew Wiggins-Shooting Guard-Kansas

In my opinion, one of the riskier players in the draft. Has a lot of upside and can have a career similar to Tracy Mcgrady, has similar build and scoring ability. Needs to be a lot more aggressive than what he showed in the NCAA tournament to be successful at the next level.

4. Dante Exum-Point Guard-Australian Institute of Sport

One of the more interesting players in this draft, because he's international and there's not a lot of exposure. He has great size (measures at 6'6) and explosiveness, driving to the basket will be his bread and butter once he's in the league. Smaller guards will have trouble guarding him because of his size and strength.

5. Julius Randle-Power Forward-Kentucky

A double-double machine, Randle just gets the job done. He has very impressive numbers, average 15 points per game and 10 rebounds on 50% shooting. Might be a little small to be as dominant at the power forward spot at the next level. Reminds me a lot of Dejuan Blair, but with better rebounding abilities and defense. Hopefully he has a brighter future than Blair.

6. Noah Vonleh-Power Forward-Indiana

Excellent size and strength. He has a great mid-range jumper and can also shoot the three, he's the new type of forward that the league is gravitating more towards. Great rebounding abilities and a top defender, flew under the radar at parts of the season, but I think he can turn into a quality starter in this league.

7. Marcus Smart-Point Guard-Oklahoma State

Smart could not be stopped early in the season, he solidified his draft stock with huge games against strong championship contenders. He's big and strong for his size, he's really bulked up after his freshman year which will help him against bigger guards. He has some maturity issues, but I think he will move pass that and become a productive starter in the league.

8. Gary Harris-Shooting Guard-Michigan State

Staying an extra year really helped his draft stock. He has shown that he can get in the lane at ease, but needs to improve his jump shot if he wants to make an impact at the next level. Great hands and quickness, but might be a bit of a project as he sometimes disappeared in big games this season.

9. Doug McDermott-Small Forward-Creighton

The experienced forward led the country in scoring with an average of 26.7. He's improved in every aspect of his game with each season. The best shooter in this draft, can shoot from anywhere on the floor and can knock down most contested shots. He's a pick with low-risk and high reward, very smart player.

10. Aaron Gordon-Power Forward-Arizona

He had a very up and down season, but was very productive on the glass. Can be greatly utilized on a team if he's used for mainly defense and rebounding. Not really a game-changing athlete, but can be a good role player.

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