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2014 NBA Mock Draft Vol.3
By Daniel Sandoval

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers-Jabari Parker-SF-Duke

Parker is the safest pick at #1 for a Cavaliers team that desperately needs to strike gold with this pick. With injuries and inconsistent play dropping the stocks of Embiid and Wiggins, Parker seems destined to become the number one pick. He can score at will and is very reliable, can be a franchise altering player. Just imagine a lineup with Irving, Waiters and Parker, that will be a very dominant core in a weak conference.

#2 Milwaukee Bucks-Andrew Wiggins-SG/SF-Kansas

The Bucks need a new shooting guard, simple as that. Although Wiggins can also play small forward, he will most likely start at the two-guard spot. Wiggins can space the floor, but needs to be more assertive if he's going to be an all-star in this league. He had lots of big games in his lone season at Kansas, but disappeared in this tournament which led to Kansas' demise. He's an excellent shooter with a lot of versatility.

#3 Philadelphia 76ers-Noah Vonleh-PG-Indiana

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Noah Vonleh is the best power forward in this draft. Nonleh isn't talked about much for some reason, he has incredible length and can rebound at a high-level. He his great in the low-post and can space the floor with his outside shooting. The Sixes should have one of the best big men duos in the league within a few short years with Noel and Vonleh.

#4 Orlando Magic-Dante Exum-PG-Australia

Exum is the only pick of mine that has yet to change, he provides a lot of versatility and has a lot of upside. The Orlando Magic are a team with an aging point guard in Nelson and a future all-star in Oladipo. The combination of Exam and Oladipo can cause a lot of problems for opposing defenses. Exum can dominate in different ways, he can score at will, he's a great passer and a solid defender.

#5 Utah Jazz-Julius Randle-PF-Kentucky

Randle is a high-motor guy that can bring the needed energy to the Jazz. He is an excellent rebounded and a solid defender that will only improve. He is a very efficient scorer, but can improve on his post moves and foot work to be even more dominant. Randle is a double-double machine that can take some pressure off of Trey Burke.

#6 Boston Celtics-Aaron Gordon-PF-Arizona

Maybe considered too high for Gordon, but the Celtics need a defensive presence down low and need a quality rebounder. Gordon is limited on offense, but makes up for it with his ability to block shots and rebound. He isn't a face-of-the-franchise type of guy, but he can be a productive starter in the league.

#7 Los Angeles Lakers-Marcus Smart-PG-Oklahoma State.

The Lakers need a productive point guard who is younger and cheaper than Steve Nash, who will likely be amnestied. Smart is a player that knows where to be on the floor and what to do, he is a young player who plays like a veteran. He has excellent scoring ability, but may need to improve his passing and decrease his turnovers if he wants to be successful at the next level.

#8 Sacramento Kings-Rodney Hood-SF-Duke

Parker's running mate is a player that flew under the radar due to being on the same team as Jabari Parker. Hood is a great shooter that can also drive to the basket and get his teammates invoked if he wants to. He can take control over certain games, but may disappear for a few possessions which can be bad for a team that struggled to score a lot. Hood can provide quality minutes off the bench, but likely won't start for much of his career.

#9 Charlotte Hornets-Joel Embiid-C-Kansas

Embiid is too talented to not take a chance on, even with the ninth overall pick. He is the best defender in the league and a top-rebounder. Embiid's stress fracture is a huge cause of concern, lots of former athletes have struggled. With that during their careers and many of them had their veers derailed.

#10 Philadelphia 76ers-Tyler Ennis-PG-Syracuse

The Sixes are looking for some insurance with this pick and someone who can manage the second team. Ennis caqn score effectively, bu may need to work on his 3-point shooting and defense if he wants to be successful. He has no problem getting to the basket and gets his teammates involved more often than not.

#11 Denver Nuggets-Clint Capela-PF-Chalon

#12 Orlando Magic-Gary Harris-SG-Michigan State

#13 Minnesota Timberwolves-T.j. Warren-SG-N.C. State

#14 Phoenix Suns-Cleanthony Early-PF-Witchita State

#15 Atlanta Hawks-Nik Stauskas-SF-Michigan

#16 Chicago Bulls- Kyle Anderson-SF-UCLA

#17 Bodyon Celtics-James Young-SF-Kentucky

#18 Phoenix Suns-P.J. Hairston-SG-UNC

#19 Chicago Bulls-Dario Saric-PF-Cibona

#20 Toronto Raptors-Adriean Payne-PF/C-Michigan State

#21 Oklahoma City Thunder-Glenn Robinson III-SF-Michigan

#22 Memphis Grizzlies-Zach LaVine-SG-UCLA

#23 Utah Jazz-Jusuf Nurkic-C-Bosnia

#24 Charlotte Hronets-Mitch McGary-PF/C-Michigan

#25 Houston Rockets-C.J. Wilcox-SG-Washington

#26 Miami Heat-Shabazz Napier-PG-UCONN

#27 Phoenix Suns-K.J. McDaniels-PF-Clemson

#28 Los Angeles Clippers-Jerami Grant-PF-Syracuse

#29 Oklahoma City Thunder-Jarnell Stokes-PF-Tennessee

#30 San Antonio Spurs-Nick Johnson-SG/PG-Arizona

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