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NBA Draft Recap: Western Conference
By Daniel Sandoval

In this segment, I will give my analysis on the NBA Draft for the Western Conference. As stated in my other draft recap article, there were lots of trades, like every other draft. You can find every team's selection and trade, along with the teams' outlook for next season and for the near future.

Dallas Mavericks

Selections: N/A

Review: Dallas traded their way out of this year's draft.

Grade: F

Denver Nuggets 

Selections: Bosnia C Jusuf Nurkic & Serbia PF/C Nikola Jokic

Review: These picks might have an impact in the future, but as of right now these were questionable selections. These players likely won't play for Denver till at least three more years since they're over seas. What also doesn't make sense is that Denver drafted not one, but two project big men that won't contribute for a few more years.

Grade: D

Golden State Warriors

Selections: N/A

Review: The Warriors didn't make any moves on draft day.

Grade: F

Houston Rockets

Selections: Switzerland PF Clint Capela & Arizona PG/SG Nick Johnson

Review: I love the Rockets' picks, they drated quality players that will come off the bench and provide a spark. Clint Capela is a guy with an immense talent, he has a lot of room to grow, but he is very skilled. Once Capela finally comes to the NBA, he will be matured and ready to compete for a starting position. Nick Johnson is a natural born leader, he will likely be the back up point guard once Jeremy Lin gets traded. Johnson can flat out score, he is a solid mid-range scorer and drives to the basket a lot.

Grade: B

Los Angeles Clippers

Selections: Washington SG C.J. Wilcox

Review: I really like this pick for the Clippers because they are in need of another guard after they lost Darren Collison to the Kings. Wilcox is a guy who will need some time to develop into what the Clips need from him. He is a decent shooter and an average defender, he will need to improve on his inside game to make an impact on this team.

Grade: CJulius Randle

Los Angeles Lakers

Selections: Kentucky PF Julius Randle & Missouri PG Jordan Clarkson

Review: The Lakers got their man in Randle, but not much else after that. Randle is a high-motor guy with a lot of potentional, he's also a double-double machine and that's what the Lakers will need from him if Pau Gasol does sign somewhere else. Jordan Clarkson was a decent point guard that went under the radar for much of his collegiate career. He will be a role player, so he will have some time to really improve on his game.

Grade: C

Memphis Grizzlies

Selections: UCLA SG Jordan Adams & Tennessee PF Jarnell Stokes

Review: I'm going to give Memphis a 'B' because of what these players will bring to the tough-minded Grizzlies. Jordan Adams is a solid player that can come off that bench for some quality minutes. Adams is a decent perimeter shooter with some streaky shooting, driving to the basket is how he'll get the majority of his points. Jarnell Stokes is a great pick for Memphis, the power forward was a force in the paint for Tennessee. Stokes is a defense-first type of player and can really grow under Zach Randolph.

Grade: B

Minnesota Timberwolves

Selections: UCLA SG Zach LaVine, Michigan SF Glenn Robinson III, & Italy SF Alessandro Gentile

Review: Minnesota made some solid moves that will put their team in position to end that dreadful playoff drought. Zach LaVine is one of the more electrifying players in this draft, he is very explosive and can shoot the mid-range jumper pretty well. Although, LaVine has a lot of room to grow, he will likely be the starting shooting guard if the Wolves do decide to trade Kevin Martin. Glenn Robinson is a savvy player, he is very smart and can contribute a lot to a team desperate for some playmakers.

Grade: A

New Orleans Pelicans

Selection: Louisville PG/SG Russ Smith

Review: Don't get me wrong, I love Russ Smith's game, but he does not fit with the Pelicans. The Pelicans continue to keep this confusing roster with four shooting guards on it, with no true-point guard. They already have Austin Rivers, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon and Jrue Holiday. Outside of Holiday, those are all obvious two-guards and someone needs to go.

Grade: F

Oklahoma City Thunder

Selections: Michigan PF Mitch McGary & Stanford PF/SF Josh Huestis

Review: The Thunder drafted some power in the paint which is where they struggled at times during the playoffs. Mitch McGary is a guy that might eventually start depending on the future of Serge Ibaka. McGary is a good rebounder, but can improve; he's also a good perimeter scorer which will spread the floor for Durant and Westbrook. Josh Huestis was a veteran for a Stanford team that went on a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. Huestis plays like a proto-type power forward, but lacks the size to play that position in the league for his entire career, he will most likely split time betweet the 3 and 4 spot.

Grade: B

Phoenix Suns

Selections: N.C. State SF T.J. Warren, Syracuse PG Tyler Ennis, Serbia SG Bogdan Bogdanovic, Green Bay C Alec Brown

Review: Watch out for the Suns, they will be a contender for years to come. T.J. Warren was a steal in this draft, he is an excellent scorer and can score from just about anywhere on the floor, he will fit in well with this Suns' system. Tyler Ennis is a good point guard with a lot of talent who still needs to mature, but he will be a great backup to Bledsoe and Dragic and can learn a lot from those guys. 

Grade: B

Portland Trail Blazers

Selections: N/A

Review: Didn't make any moves on draft day.

Grade: F

Sacramento Kings

Selections: Michigan SG Nik Stauskas

Even though Sacramento only made one pick, they made a really good one. Stauskas is the best shooter in this class and he will shoot over 45% from 3-point range. He spaces the floor with his outside shooting, which opens the lane for him and his teammates. It'll be interesting to see how the Kings utilize his talents, he should be the starting shooting guard this coming season.

Grade: B

San Antonio Spurs

Selections: UCLA SF/PF Kyle Anderson, Serbia SG Nemanja Dangubic, & Baylor PF Cory Jefferson

Review: The Spurs always seem to draft well and they did it once again with these selections. Kyle Anderson was a key player for UCLA and he will be a contributer for San Antonio because everyone of their players contributes. Anderson brings versatility which the Spurs thrive on, he's a team player that can score efficiently. Nemanja Dangubic is a stash and save player for the Spurs, they always do this and it always works. Dangubic will join the team in four years or so and we'll be talking about how much of a steal he was for San Antonio.

Grade: A

Utah Jazz

Selections: Australia PG Dante Exum & Duke SF Rodney Hood

Review: Utah got two very athletic players that can score at will with their quickness to get easy baskets. Exum is an interesting player, he has excellent size and is very quick off the dribble, it'll be interesting to see who starts at point guard for Utah, Exum or Burke? Rodney Hood played under Jabari Parker at Duke, but I honestly think he is a more efficient scorer than Parker. Hood is a smart shooter, he takes the open shot and spreads the floor for easy buckets.

Grade: A                                                                                                                                                                              

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