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2014 Fantasy Football: RB Stat Projections (31-50)
By Matt Horkman

31. Chris Johnson, N.Y. Jets
Outlook: Splitting time with Chris Ivory isn’t going to help Johnson’s fantasy status. He has some upside, given his track record and age (28), but the Jets’ offense doesn't do him any favors.

Projections: 757 rushing yards, 283 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 2 fumbles

32. Trent Richardson, Indianapolis Colts
Outlook: Richardson’s given no indication that he’s anything more than an ordinary running back in the NFL. In fact, based on his woeful 2013 performance, ordinary would be an upgrade.

Projections: 771 rushing yards, 303 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 1 fumble

33. Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles
Outlook: Like he did in New Orleans, Sproles will score most of his fantasy points as a receiver. He’ll make for an interesting flex play, given the right matchup.

Projections: 237 rushing yards, 623 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns (5 receiving), & 1 fumble

34. Terrance West, Cleveland Browns
Projections: If reports over the summer are an indication of things to come, then Cleveland’s going to find it difficult to keep West off the field. He remains a dicey play because he’ll share carries with Tate, but his long-term upside in dynasty leagues makes him intriguing.

Projections: 606 rushing yards, 269 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns, & 2 fumbles

35. Bernard Pierce, Baltimore Ravens
Outlook: Look for Pierce to open the season as Baltimore’s starter and grab hold of the position, while Ray Rice serves his suspension.

Projections: 950 rushing yards, 50 receiving yards, & 4 touchdowns

36. Knowshon Moreno, Miami Dolphins
Outlook: As it stands right now, Miller is the favorite to start week one in Miami. However, the Dolphins didn’t sign Moreno to be a backup to Miller. He’ll make an impact this season, especially in the passing game. Not that that means anything, though, as Miami’s backfield is a fantasy wasteland.

Projections: 559 rushing yards, 237 receiving yards, & 7 touchdowns (2 receiving)

37. DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers
Outlook: With a healthy Jonathan Stewart in the mix, it is unlikely Williams will match his 843 rushing yards from '13. In addition, Williams (31) is at the age where running backs begin to wear down.

Projections: 645 rushing yards, 285 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 1 fumble

38. Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers
Outlook: It’s been several years since Carolina’s had one workhorse back and that trend isn’t likely to change in '14. The Panthers will employ both Stewart and Williams in their backfield, with Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert stealing goal line carries away from both. Baring an injury, Carolina’s backfield is a fantasy situation worth avoiding.

Projections: 724 rushing yards, 145 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 1 fumble

39. Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills
Outlook: The acquisition of Bryce Brown will likely mark the beginning of the end for Jackson. He’s certainly still going to play a role in Buffalo’s offense this year, but he won’t come near the 207 carries he received a year ago.

Projections: 587 rushing yards, 271 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 2 fumbles
Darren McFadden
40. Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders
Outlook: Between Maurice Jones-Drew and McFadden, the latter has more potential for fantasy success. In fact, McFadden will likely open the season as Oakland’s starter, but his inability to stay healthy is nauseating. He has missed 29 games since entering the league in '08, an average of nearly five per year.

Projections: 622 rushing yards, 251 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 1 fumble

41. Donald Brown, San Diego Chargers
Outlook: Ryan Mathews owners should always have an insurance policy, as Mathews is one of the most injury prone running backs in football. Brown is his handcuff. Coming off a good season, Brown would be a solid RB2 if something were to happen to Mathews. 

Projections: 526 rushing yards, 159 receiving yards, & 7 touchdowns (1 receiving)

42. Charles Sims, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Outlook: Look for the Buccaneers to scale back Doug Martin’s touches this season. New offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford wants to spread the wealth a little more, hence Tampa Bay’s decision to select Sims in the third-round last April.

Projections: 521 rushing yards, 198 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns (1 receiving), & 2 fumbles

43. Maurice Jones-Drew, Oakland Raiders
Outlook: The Raiders are taking a running back by committee approach to their running game. Jones-Drew’s best fantasy days are clearly behind him.

Projections: 627 rushing yards, 248 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

44. Tre Mason, St. Louis Rams
Outlook: While Zac Stacy figures to receive the bulk of carries in St. Louis, the Rams didn’t use a third-round pick on Mason to sit the bench. He’ll compete for carries behind Stacy and could even push him should the second-year running back stumble.

Projections: 669 rushing yards, 108 receiving yards, & 5 touchdowns

45. Knile Davis, Kansas City Chiefs
Outlook: Davis is the handcuff to Jamaal Charles. He’s also a pretty good one, as he would be a legit RB2 if something happens to the all-pro.

Projections: 500 rushing yards, 184 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns (2 receiving), & 2 fumbles

46. Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons
Outlook: Steven Jackson turns 31 in July, and is coming off the worst season of his career. The Falcons will monitor his snap count in an attempt to keep him fresh for November and December. That opens the door for Freeman, who figures to win Atlanta’s No. 2 running back job behind Jackson.

Projections: 416 rushing yards, 311 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns (2 receiving), & 2 fumbles

47. Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins
Outlook: The signing of Moreno placed Miller into a committee at running back. The Dolphins backfield is a situation worth avoiding unless one of the two goes down with an injury.

Projections: 724 rushing yards, 217 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

48. Stepfan Taylor, Arizona Cardinals
Outlook: The Cardinals are searching for a bruising runner to compliment starter Andre Ellington. Taylor, a fifth-round pick in 2013, is the favorite to land the job.

Projections: 571 rushing yards, 155 receiving yards, & 5 touchdowns

49. Christine Michael, Seattle Seahawks
Outlook: A second-round pick in 2013, Michael is about as good as handcuff as there is in the NFL. If something were to happen to Marshawn Lynch, Michael becomes a RB1. With Lynch’s future in Seattle cloudy after this season, Michael is a must own in dynasty leagues.

Projections: 591 rushing yards, 182 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

50. Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens
Outlook: Coming off the worst season of his career, Rice faces a multi-game ban for his tumultuous off-season. The Ravens seem likely to use a committee approach to their backfield this year.

Projections: 605 rushing yards, 258 receiving yards, & 2 touchdowns

Scoring Key
1 point per 10 yards receiving
1 point per 10 yards rushing
6 points per touchdown
-2 points per fumble

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