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2014 Fantasy Football: WR Stat Projections (31-50)
By Matt Horkman

31. Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks
Outlook: Durability red flags make Harvin a boom or bust fantasy player. He is one of the league’s most dynamic talents, but he has played in all 16 games just one time in his five-year career. In fact, he's missed 22 games in two years. He enters '13 as a solid WR3, but he has the upside of a top 20 fantasy receiver.

Projections: 810 receiving yards, 185 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns (1 rushing), & 1 fumble

32. Pierre Garcon, Washington
Outlook: The top receiver in Washington won’t repeat with another 100-catch year, as he’ll lose opportunities underneath to tight end Jordan Reed. Nevertheless, he projects to lead Washington in receiving yardage for the second consecutive year.

Projections: 1,021 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

33. Kenny Stills, New Orleans Saints
Outlook: After averaging 20 yards per reception last season, Stills enters '14 as the top deep threat in arguably the NFC’s best offense. He’s a solid WR3 with strong upside.

Projections: 912 receiving yards, 15 rushing yards, & 6 touchdowns
Reggie Wayne
34. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts
Outlook: Coming off a devastating mid-season knee injury, Wayne once again projects to play a prominent role in Indianapolis’ offense. However, he turns 36 in November. His best fantasy days are behind him.

Projections: 1,050 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

35. Wes Welker, Denver Broncos
Outlook: Welker had a career-high 10 touchdowns in '13, in large part because Peyton Manning went off for 55 touchdown passes. Denver’s offense isn’t likely to match last year’s pace, causing Welker to settle in as a WR3.

Projections: 827 receiving yards & 7 touchdowns

36. Riley Cooper, Philadelphia Eagles
Outlook: It is unlikely Cooper will match his eight touchdowns from a year ago, but he remains a rock solid WR3 in Chip Kelly’s explosive offense.

Projections: 918 receiving yards, 25 rushing yards, & 5 touchdowns

37. Golden Tate, Detroit Lions
Outlook: Tate enters a good situation in Detroit. The Lions are a pass-happy team and they’ve been desperate to find a No. 2 receiver opposite of Calvin Johnson. In Detroit, the former Seahawk has WR3 upside.

Projections: 810 receiving yards & 7 touchdowns

38. Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos
Outlook: Because of the offense he plays in, Sanders is a good bet to set career highs across the board this season. However, Manning can only throw to one person, and Denver has a deep set of talent at the skill positions.

Projections: 939 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

39. Anquan Boldin, San Francisco 49ers
Outlook: Don’t count on Boldin matching last year’s output with Michael Crabtree back for a full season. In fact, Boldin is arguably the No. 3 receiving option behind Crabtree and Vernon Davis. Making matters worse is San Francisco’s reliance on the run.

Projections: 904 receiving yards & 5 touchdowns

40. Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints
Outlook: In addition to playing receiver, the Saints have hinted they’ll use Cooks in the same way they did Darren Sproles. He enters the year as one of the frontrunners to win offensive rookie of the year.

Projections: 644 receiving yards, 199 rushing yards, & 6 touchdowns (1 rushing)

41. Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville Jaguars
Outlook: Any semblance of a passing game in Jacksonville will come from Shorts, who will hold off rookies Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson as the top receiver for at least one season.

Projections: 912 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

42. Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins
Outlook: Despite being a rookie, Landry figures to play a prominent role in Miami’s offense. The former LSU receiver can play all three receiving positions, but the Dolphins will likely feature him from the slot.

Projections: 886 receiving yards & 5 touchdowns

43. DeSean Jackson, Washington
Outlook: Moving to Washington from Philadelphia will have a negative impact on Jackson’s fantasy status. In Philadelphia, Jackson was the No. 1 receiver in one of the most fantasy-friendly offenses in football. In Washington, he’s the No. 3 receiving option behind Garcon and Reed.

Projections: 819 receiving yards, 19 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

44. James Jones, Oakland Raiders
Outlook: Going from Green Bay to Oakland lowers Jones’ long-term outlook significantly. Still, as long as he remains healthy, he is the best receiving option the Raiders have.

Projections: 873 receiving yards & 5 touchdowns

45. Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins
Outlook: There’s some upside in Miami’s passing game, but in the case of Hartline, his inability to find the end zone is frustrating. It’s a trend that’s likely to continue this year.

Projections: 1,047 receiving yards & 2 touchdowns

46. Justin Hunter, Tennessee Titans
Outlook: Even with big expectations, Hunter remains somewhat under the radar. He’s the No. 2 option in the Titans’ passing attack, but so much of his fantasy success depends on Ken Whisenhunt molding Jake Locker into a viable quarterback.

Projections: 924 receiving yards & 4 touchdowns

47. Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks
Outlook: The running game is the focus of Seattle’s offense, so Baldwin’s not likely to emerge as anything more than a WR3/4.

Projections: 851 receiving yards & 5 touchdowns

48. Robert Woods, Buffalo Bills
Outlook: Woods figures to improve in year two, but Buffalo’s passing game is a work in progress because of E.J. Manuel.

Projections: 867 receiving yards, 32 rushing yards, & 4 touchdowns

49. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans
Outlook: Hopkins possesses the talent to emerge as a WR2, but Houston’s quarterback situation is murky right now. In addition, the Texans’ offense will run through Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.

Projections: 852 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns, & 1 fumble

50. Julian Edelman, New England Patriots
Outlook: A healthy Rob Gronkowski and an expanded role from second-year pro Aaron Dobson makes it unlikely Edelman matches his output from a year ago.

Projections: 800 receiving yards, & 5 touchdowns

Scoring Key
1 point per 10 yards receiving
1 point per 10 yards rushing
6 points per touchdown
-2 points per fumble

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