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2014 Fantasy Football: DB IDP Rankings
By Mike Jasko

1. Eric Weddle, San Diego Chargers

Weddle was a very consistent producer last season and continues to be one of the most reliable IDP choices in 2014. He accumulated 115 combined tackles last season, and should approach that figure again this year. He may not lead the league in interceptions or get you a defensive TD, but he will contribute to your fantasy match-up week in and week out.

2. John Cyprien – Jacksonville Jaguars

Only entering his second NFL season, Cyprien is an exciting upside pick. His 87 solo tackles in 15 games last season were third best among defensive backs in 2013. The Jaguars defense will be on the field plenty this season, so Cyprien has a high possibility of producing even more in 2014.

3. Charles Tillman – Chicago Bears

At age 33, Tillman is returning from a bicep tear that caused him to play only eight games last season. He is a risky pick, but comes with tremendous upside. He’s grabbed no fewer than 3 interceptions in the last four seasons, including last year’s eight-game stint.

4. Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman might get the attention, but anyone who had Thomas on their IDP team last season knows how prolific he was. He accumulated 105 combined tackles and grabbed 5 interceptions in 2013. He’s as safe a pick as you can make at defensive back.

5. Harrison Smith, Minnesota VikingsHarrison Smith

Harrison Smith missed much of last season due to an injury, but showed great promise as a rookie in 2012 with 105 combined tackles and 3 interceptions. I would expect him to have a major resurgence this season and for him to eclipse 100 tackles once more.

6. DeAngelo Hall, Washington

Hall is getting up there in years, but his ball-hawking skills are as tenacious as anyone in the league. He forced 7 turnovers last season, including 4 interceptions. He is also always among the league leaders in passes defended.

7. T.J. Ward, Denver Broncos

Ward was a fantastic IDP option last year when he played for the Browns. He accumulated 112 combined tackles including 75 of the solo variety. He joins a revamped unit in Denver, so his numbers may dip a little, but he will still consistently produce, now that he’s the anchor in the Bronco’s secondary.

8. Reshad Jones, Miami Dolphins

Jones is a well-rounded defender and is becoming one of the more reliable safeties in the league. He went just over 100 combined tackles in 2013 despite missing one game. He should have a higher tackle total this season, which will be his third in the league.

9. Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs

Berry can be a confounding player if he’s on your roster; capable of huge outings but will also be statistically absent at times. Over the course of the season he will put up big numbers, but he tends to do so in spurts.

10.  Barry Church, Dallas Cowboys

His numbers last season were down right gaudy; 107 solo tackles, 28 tackle assists, and 3 forced fumbles. Some of that can be attributed to Sean Lee’s absence. With Lee out for all of 2014, expect big-time numbers from Church again this season.

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