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The Eagles are set to soar in 2014
By Ryan Wasser

The Future is NOW for the Philadelphia Eagles

I know, I know, there are probably throngs of you readers out there that are grumbling about our lack of experience, our remarkably young age as a unit and the fact that we lost Desean “Couldn’t help keepin’ it real” Jackson to rampant stupidity, but after watching our first two preseason games I think Philly is poised to make it’s presence felt in the NFC East and the NFL for the foreseeable future. Let me make a few points that might illuminate the road I see ahead of our Birds.

Nick Foles and the receiving corps

Admittedly Foles looked shaky in the first preseason game but honestly try to imagine not really working for half a year then jumping back into semi-full speed. This is what preseason is about. Against the patriots he not only exhibited the intelligent play he’s known for but he delivered accurate, crisp throws that make me believe all the more he’s the real deal. The receiving corps (including the Tight Ends) is the group that has me really amped about our future strength. Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper haven’t been factors in the preseason games outside of a very nice 15-yeard reception by Maclin against Chicago, but they’ve made their presence felt at the practices. My vote for preseason stud so far has been Jordan Matthews, the Vanderbilt rookie who fell to us by a miracle in the second round of the draft. Look at these stats: 2 games, 13 catches and 128 yards. Sure he had a drop in Chi-town but he’s a rookie and honestly you can tell it doesn’t seem like a trend he tends to follow. Oh and Zach Ertz, I mean seriously, that guy has to have the stickiest hands for a tight end that I’ve seen in a LONG time.

The Defense is young, hungry and seems to like turnovers 

I know the turnover ratio isn’t insane (3 interception, 1 forced Fumble), but the defense looks like a hungry pack of dogs being let loose in a slaughterhouse. It goes without saying that one of those int’s was a pick six by Cary Williams against Tom “don’t-hit-me-my-supermodel-wife-thinks-I’m-pretty” Brady, during which he dodged the overblown play caller and sustained a hamstring injury. The young players all seem to be tacking well i.e. Earl Wolff and Rock Carmichael. I expect this unit to improve vastly due to a young nucleus (Kendricks is a beast) having strong veteran leadership to focus the rage.

Chip Kelly’s Legacy and Other thoughts 

The Chipper (hah, hey, let’s win one for the Chipper boys) has a plan for this team that is already coming to fruition. He’s shown that he’s savvy both in play calling and in team building through meticulous drafting. If he keeps this up he can coach in Philly till I and or he dies. His game plan is smart, he attacks at all times and he does not accept mediocrity to the extent he can actually change it. Lastly, Josh Huff, the rookie receiver out of Oregon (well what do you know?) made a massive impact on me with his kickoff return for a score against the Bears. That was reminiscent of some Westbrook action there.

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