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Week 6 NFL Recap
By Brett Lane

For a change of pace, week 6 had far more 'nail-biters' compared to previous weeks. The Titans vs. Jaguars game, ended with a game winning field goal being blocked by the Titans special teams, Aaron Rodgers lead a last minute drive down Miami's throat, ending with a near-walkoff touchdown toss, and the Panthers vs. Bengals game was so close that neither team was able to gain an edge and it ended as a tie, after a missed field goal by Mike Nugent. The New Orleans Saints, and Kansas City Chiefs both enjoyed weeks off, and the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars both came very close to their first win, but ultimately remain winless. Three teams now share the NFL's best record at 5-1 the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. (Cardinals, Broncos 4-1.)

Upset of the Week

Dallas Cowboys 30, Seattle Seahawks 23

To some to this may seem like less of an upset game and more a statement win, but with a lackluster amount of upsets this week, if any, it was the only reasonable choice. Record wise, it's not much of an upset, pre-season expectations, it's an incredible upset. 

The Dallas Cowboys have finally proved they are legit, taking it to the defending Super Bowl Champions, in their own house. Since becoming the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, Russel Wilson has lost only 2 games at home. DeMarco Murray

The overachieving Cowboys defense was able to limit Wilson to only 126 yards, no touchdowns, and were even able to pick him off to seal the win. If it weren't for a blocked punt, and a few mistakes from the Cowboys, this game could've been a lot uglier.

Demarco Murray continues his run at MVP with his 6th straight 100 rush yd. game to start the year, tying Jim Brown's record, with his one touchdown being the game winner. Tony Romo continued his late-game magic with an unreal throw and catch to Terrence Williams to convert on a 3rd & 20, and eventually lead to Murray's touchdown. 

The outcome of this game definitely raises alot of questions, for both teams. Are the Cowboys actually contenders? Are the Seahawks who we thought they were? Only time will tell, but the NFC sure is heating up, and for the NFC East predicted to be so bad, they currently have two of the top three teams record wise.

Comeback of the Week

Green Bay Packers 27, Miami Dolphins 24

The Packers biggest deficit may have been only 7 points, however, it's hard to discredit the unbelievable Aaron Rodgers-lead drive to capture the win. 

The Packers received the ball at the 20 with 4:09 on the clock and one timeout, down by four, in 90 degree weather. Not an easy task, even for somebody of Rodgers caliber, let alone against a stingy Miami defense, but like Rodgers once famously said, "relax". 

With a Dan-Marino-esque fake spike pass to gain 12 quick yards while getting out of bounds, Rodgers completed one more throw four yards out to get the lead with only seconds to spare. 

With all the talk about Andrew Luck for MVP, Rodgers has to be right up there with him, 15 touchdowns to a single interception this year, and he was right when he told Green Bay to relax as they have now jumped out to a 4-2 record, tied for 1st in the NFC North. (Detroit Lions) 

As for the Dolphins it's beginning to look like a sight all to familiar, consitently stuck in medicority since they last made the playoffs in 2008, and before that 2001. When will they finally make the jump, or try and rebuild?

Blowout of the Week

Philadelphia Eagles 27, New York Giants 0

A game that was quite hyped up with some words exchanged between the two teams, and a very interesting cartoon curated by the Eagles staff themselves. It sure seems like the Giants have learned their lesson now. 

The Sunday Night prime-time game was supposed to have major NFC-East indications and a fairly close game with an offense in rhytym, Giants, and a struggling Eagles team still managing to grind out wins. The Eagles left it all on the field Sunday Night, getting their first shutout since 1996. 

The Eagles defense was in unusual form, coming in as one of the worst ranked defenses defending both pass and rush, but that all changed Sunday night, as they became one of the most vaunting we've seen this year. On the other side of the ball, it really seemed as if Chip Kelly had Tom Coughlin's number all night consitently executing on offense against a nickle defense heavily struggling.

The win has more indications then just a regular blowout, despite going 4-1 through their first 5 games, it was hard to really be impressed by this Eagles team, now it's pretty easy. They've had the chances all year but just seemed out of sync, with a struggling McCoy, limited production out of their wideouts, and a shaky Nick Foles, it seemed as if the offense wasn't what it was last year, but who would doubt a Chip Kelly-run offense? McCoy was finally able to get it going with a season high 149 yards on the ground, and despite two rough interceptions from Foles, he looked the sharpest he has this year.

With an injury to Sproles to add along with 2 key cogs in the offensive line, and Middle Linebacker Kendricks, the Eagles sure are looking to their week off, this week. The Giants will have to catch up to two of the hottest teams in the league if they want a chance at the division, they must start next week at Dallas.

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