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Week 9 NFL Recap
By Brett Lane

In the past few weeks, everything you thought you knew about the NFL changed. Only a few weeks ago the Chargers were one atop multiple power rankings. Now, they've dropped three games in a row. Similarly, the Cowboys, who have an injured quarterback, have lost two in row. The downspiraling 49ers dropped another one to St. Louis, and the Patriots have dominated the past few weeks handing the Broncos their second loss of the season. 

Blowout of the Week

New England Patriots 43, Denver Broncos 21

Last year, these two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks squared off, and it was anything but boring. Peyton Manning carried a 24-0 lead into the half, and somehow let it slip away as Tom Brady escaped with the victory.Tom Brady

It was quite the opposite this year, as Brady and company took a 27-7 lead heading into halftime in New England, taking advantage of a few turnovers, and shaky play from Denver. After a touchdown drive to start the second half, it looked as if a comeback was in the realm of possibility, but a Patriot field goal, and Peyton Manning's second interception led to a Brady touchdown drive. 

After a few exchanges of scores, the Patriots ultimately came out with a dominant victory. Oddly enough, neither team was able to generate much of a running game, as they combined for only 109 yards rushing. Manning passed for well over 400 yards, but his two interceptions and shaky special teams play cost them the game.

This could easily be the AFC Championship game only a few months from now, and it's really impossible to predict who will come out on top next time these giants meet.

Upset of the Week

Miami Dolphins 37, San Diego Chargers 0

Only three weeks ago the Chargers seemed like the hottest team in the league. Phillip Rivers was an MVP candidate, but much has changed since then. The Chargers dropped their third straight game, and this was easily the most embarassing loss. 

After a huge fourth-and-1 stop by the Dolphins in their own territory, the momentum for the entirety of the game shifted. Rivers finished the game completing 12-of-23 passes for 138 yards and three interceptions. It was one of his worst performances in recent memory. All blame can't be placed on him. Rookie sensation, Branden Oliver, was unable to get anything going on the ground. He rushed for 19 yards on 13 carries. 

You've got to wonder who the real Chargers are, and whether Rivers can right the ship. The Miami Dolphins are in a similar predicament. All of their wins have come in double digits, yet they are only 5-3 and seem to be a different team every week. 

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