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NFL Odds Preview - Wild Card Round Playoff Predictions
By Jake Thompson

Well, while it wasn't as pretty as in previous years, we finished the regular-season with a winning record for the third consecutive season. There's still plenty of time to improve on our record, and we'll get started with a set of predictions for the NFL's four wild-card playoff games.

NFL Record Year-to-Date: 115-113-3

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers -6.52015 wildcard round playoff predictions

The Cardinals are extremely limited offensively, as they don't have a capable quarterback right now. However, their defense is still strong. Carolina has plenty of holes on both sides of the football, so I could see an upset taking place. Arizona can run and force turnovers on the Panthers, who should only be favored by three. They're facing a far superior team that is unfortunately on their third and fourth quarterbacks this season. Look for Arizona to grind out a 24-23 victory.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers -3

The Ravens and Steelers have both improved on the defensive side of the football as the year progressed. Baltimore welcomes back defensive tackle Haloti Ngata after his four-game suspension, while Pittsburgh may be without running back Le'Veon Bell. I think the Steelers can win without him. Their passing attack is going to be too much for the Ravens to deal with, so we'll call for Pittsburgh to grab a 31-24 win.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts -3.5

The Bengals make far too many mistakes and it's unclear if they will have star wide receiver A.J. Green suiting up as he's working his way through the league's concussion protocol. Cincinnati's defense has fallen off quite a bit from their spectacular early season form, but I don't trust Indianapolis' defense. Look for a heavy dose of Jeremy Hill and Geovani Bernard as the Bengals use the rushing attack to pull out a narrow win. Indianapolis' defensive problems will cause them to exit the postseason early. Let's say Cincinnati grabs a 30-27 victory.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys -6.5

The Lions' offense usually collapses when Calvin Johnson can't get open and they've looked a bit stagnant recently.  Dallas doesn't have a shutdown defense, but they are solid enough. In addition, I think their offensive line can overpower Detroit's impressive defensive line. The Lions rely on their defense because their offense is inconsistent, and when their defense doesn't deliver on Sunday, I think the wheels come off completely. Cowboys win 34-17.

2015 wildcard round playoff predictions
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