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NFL Odds Preview - Championship Round Playoff Predictions
By Jake Thompson

The 2014-15 NFL season has been a struggle for us, as the previous two years we easily coasted to massive profits. This year things have not gone as planned. Ultimately, we can still get to our third straight winning record, but we have to be perfect. We'll start the quest off with predictions on the AFC and NFC Championship games.

NFL Record Year-to-Date: 115-117-3

AFC Championship Game:

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots -6.5

The Patriots and Colts both have top cornerbacks, so passing the ball to T.Y. Hilton and Julian Edelman won't be easy. Both lack a consistent rushing attack as well and there are quite a few parallels between these squads. One of the biggest seperators is that New England has displayed a defense that is much more capable of stopping the opposing team from running the ball down their throats. Tom Brady also has the proven playoff results that Andrew Luck simply hasn't tasted in his young NFL career. The Patriots have Rob Gronkowski and Brandon LaFell to catch passes when their No. 1 receiver isn't open, while the Colts are left with some aging veterans to go along with lesser tight ends. Everything sets up for a big Patriots win. I think they destory the inferior Colts as Brady and company advance to yet another Super Bowl.

Colts 24
Patriots 41 

NFC Championship Game:

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks -8NFL Championship Games 2015

The Packers couldn't beat any teams that played quality defense in the regular-season, and I highly doubt they'll find the perfect formula here. Aaron Rodgers can barely move in the pocket right now, which makes him a sitting duck for the Seahawks' pass rush. Add in wet field conditions, and Rodgers is likely to be hit early and often. The guy just can't move. Green Bay's offense only looks like a world beater against the poor and average defenses they play. They falter every year against elite units. Their defense, which isn't in the top half of the league, is only comfortable when they have a big lead. That's not going to happen against Seattle. In close games, the Packers can't stop anyone when the threat of the run is real. Seattle should run all over them, and Russell Wilson's legs -- plus his accurate arm -- will be enough to keep the defense honest. Maybe the Packers lose by only three to six points with a healthy Rodgers, but with him unable to move, it's not going to go well for Green Bay. The Seahawks are by far the superior team and should win this game in an ugly, lopsided blowout.

Packers 17
Seahawks 34 

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