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2015 Senior Bowl: Stock Up
By Matt Horkman

-- Last year was arguably the greatest receiver class in NFL history. This year’s class could be a worthy sequel thanks to players like Jamison Crowder. The Duke receiver is a dangerous deep threat and demonstrates unique quickness in the open field.

At the Senior Bowl, he’s reinforced his reputation as a terrific route runner who will make you pay if he isn't challenged at the line of scrimmage.

Despite his small stature (5-foot-9, 175 pounds), Crowder shows the toughness to work the middle of the field. Overall, in today’s wide-open game, his skill set makes him an ideal slot receiver. A strong combine could put him in first-round consideration.

 -- Another receiver making an impact at the Senior Bowl is Kansas State's Tyler Lockett. Like Crowder, he’ll be a dangerous slot receiver in the pros. He shows terrific concentration, often times making tough catches.

He has been susceptible to drops in the past, but his open-field ability and contributions in the return game makes him a very solid day two pick.
Danny Shelton
-- Washington defensive tackle Danny Shelton is the absolute best player at this year’s Senior Bowl. He’s a big, prototype nose guard who compares favorably to Dontari Poe of the Kansas City Chiefs.

While he weighed in at 340 pounds, don’t mistake him for a two-down run stopper. He’s a remarkable pass rusher, registering nine sacks in 2014. He finishes plays, showing tremendous power. He’s immovable against the run.

All 32 teams will probably want Shelton on their team. His size, power, and quickness make him a rare commodity that doesn’t come around too often. They just don’t grow three-down, 340-pound defensive tackles on trees.

-- The evolution of the tight end position continues to change the game, and Miami (FL) tight end Clive Walford is an example of this change. He’s a “move” tight end, meaning offensive coordinators are going to line him up all over the field in an attempt to create mismatches. His athleticism is outstanding, and his fluid route running exposes linebackers in coverage.

Red flags may emerge regarding his blocking capabilities, but no team is going to draft him to block. They’re going to draft him to make plays in the passing game. With good athleticism, production and size, he’s a candidate to be the first tight end selected in the draft.

-- Somebody to keep your eye on during the pre-draft process is Clemson linebacker Stephone Anthony. He has the size to play inside in the 3-4 or 4-3. His reputation as a big hitter could make him one of the more intimidating linebackers in this draft. However, he made money at the Senior Bowl because his athleticism stood out.

He’s a very fluid linebacker, capable of moving from sideline to sideline. He holds up in coverage quite well, something NFL Network’s cameras managed to catch during Wednesday’s drills. A versatile, athletic linebacker that holds his own in coverage isn’t going to fall beyond day two of the draft.

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