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2015 Senior Bowl: Stock Down
By Matt Horkman

Bryce Petty

-- This year’s quarterback class isn’t very deep. Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are the headliners, while Brett Hundley is a solid No. 3. The Senior Bowl offered a glimpse of what the mid-rounds could look like, and it hasn’t been pretty.

Baylor’s Bryce Petty is the biggest name of this year’s participants, and it has been mostly a struggle for him. He doesn’t have the arm strength to drive the ball, and his adjustment to playing under center is going to take time.

To his credit, on tape, he does a nice job of going through is progressions. However, there are some publications rating him on the same level as Hundley. The tape doesn’t show this, and bearing a strong performance in the game, neither did Petty’s performance this week.

Other noteworthy quarterbacks playing in Saturday’s game include Alabama’s Blake Sims and Oregon State’s Sean Mannion. Sims is undersized. Given the success of Russell Wilson in the NFL, there will be those who roll their eyes whenever a quarterback receives criticism for his size. However, Wilson has a strong arm and very good accuracy. Sims has neither. He may go undrafted.

Count me out on Mannion as well. His size (6-foot-5, 227 pounds) and experience running a pro system at Oregon State will make him intriguing to NFL teams, but his production wasn’t up to par. He makes late decisions with the football, which will lead to a multitude of turnovers in the NFL

-- Pittsburgh offensive tackle T.J. Clemmings was one of the more intriguing names heading into the Senior Bowl. A potential first-round pick, Clemmings played right tackle in college but has the size -- particularly long arms -- and footwork of a left tackle.

Nonetheless, he’s reportedly struggled with his move to the left side throughout the week. As a pass protector, he needs work with his hand placement, something reinforced by his performance in one-on-one drills.

-- The player I wanted to see generate buzz this week was Stanford receiver Ty Montgomery. I’ve compared him to Percy Harvin and Randall Cobb in the past, but Montgomery is coming off a disappointing season because of injuries. 

He reportedly had an up and down week. He didn’t shine in one on ones, a disappointing outcome for a player of his skill set. Still, it’s going to take more than one inconsistent week to change my opinion of him. When he was healthy in 2013, he was one of the best receivers in all of college football. Get him healthy and in the right system, and he could be a game changer.

-- Ohio State’s Devin Smith is another intriguing receiver in this class. Scouts fawn over his big-play ability. He averaged over 28.2 yards per reception, the most in college football last season.

He didn’t really show off too much of his explosiveness at the Senior Bowl, but he didn’t need to. We know he can get deep or catch a hitch and turn it into a 40-yard gain, but he needs to make plays in the middle of the field. Otherwise, he’s the next Robert Meachem instead of Antonio Brown.

This is just the first step for Smith. If he’s going to solidify his status as a first-round pick, he’ll need to demonstrate his route-running prowess at the combine, Ohio State’s pro day, and during individual workouts.

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