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Top 10 Strangest Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets
By Jake Thompson

The Super Bowl prop bets get weirder every year. We've compiled a list of the top 10 strangest offerings in this year's game between the Seahawks and the Patriots. Online and Las Vegas sportsbooks know that Super Bowl bettors love prop bets and the odds makers have really outdone themselves in 2015.  The Super Bowl prop bets listed below are just a sliver of what you can wager on. You'd be hard pressed to find stranger betting options than these.

The 10 Strangest Seahawks vs. Patriots Super Bowl Prop Bets:

Groundhog Day

With the 2015 Super Bowl being played a day before Groundhog Day, you can actually bet on the Super Bowl winner and results of Punxsutawney Phil. The long shot of the four betting options for this prop is the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl AND Phil sees his shadow. That option pays out at +275 odds.

Super Bowl MVP Interview

Once the big game is over and a Super Bowl MVP is named, he'll get an interview on live TV. You can actually wager on who the eventual MVP will thank first with his teammates being the favorite at 3/2, God coming in at 2/1, his fans or city at 15/2, his owner at 12/1, his coach at 15/1, his family at 15/1, or you can get 5/2 odds if he thanks no one at all.

Gas Prices

Not even the U.S. national average gas price could avoid our list of Super Bowl props.  Ods makers have put up a line that compares Russell Wilson's passing yards to the average gas price (in cents) on Monday, February 2nd. Wilson's passing yards favored by 15.5 over the gas price as of this writing.

Deflate Gate

The New England Patriots have been dealing with the deflated football controversy all week and you can now wager on how many times the words "deflated" or "deflate" are uttered during the broadcast. The total is set at over or under three times.

Al Michaels

It doesn't happen often but sometimes the announcers, who are generally aware of the betting odds, will bring that knowledge into the broadcast booth for all to hear. If Al Michaels mentions the point spread, total, odds, or any prop bet during the 2015 Super Bowl you can be paid out at nearly 2/1 odds.

Katy Perry

The Super Bowl halftime show is always a fun one to bet and this year won't be different with Katy Perry performing. You can bet on Miss Perry's clothing choice (pants below knees, shorts above knees, or skirt/dress), her first performed song, and how many times she'll be mentioned in the broadcast booth before halftime.

Bill Belichick

One of my favorite 2015 Super Bowl prop bets is on whether or not Patriots coach Bill Belichick will smile on camera during the game. Belichick isn't much of a smiler so the "No" option is a -200 favorite. You can also bet on whether or not Belichick's signature hoodie will have the sleeves cut off and what color he'll be wearing.

Marshawn Lynch's Crotch

After being fined for a crotch grab in the NFC Championship, you had to know that the Super Bowl prop makers would include something like this. If Lynch grabs his crotch after scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl, you'll be paid out at 6/1 odds. He'll be risking a hefty fine for doing so, but Lynch isn't a guy who regularly tries to please the league office.

National Anthem

Think there is a chance that Idina Menzel forgets or omits a single word during her performance of the National Anthem before the Super Bowl?  If she does, you'll get paid out at 9/2 odds on this prop.

Cross Sport

I don't recall seeing these cross sport Super Bowl prop bets before, but they sure are interesting. This year, you can bet on Marshawn Lynch's receiving yards vs. Dwyane Wade's points scored on Super Bowl Sunday, and his rushing attempts vs. Chris Bosh's points scored. You can also bet on the amount of points the Patriots score vs. how many points Carmelo Anthony scores as well as Russell Wilson's passing attempts vs. Carey Price's saves. Hockey makes an appearance with the total field goals made in the Super Bowl vs. Max Pacioretty shots on goal, Doug Baldwin's total receptions vs. Alex Ovechkin's shots on goal, and Wilson's touchdown passes vs. Syndey Crosby's points. Not be left out, you wager on Tom Brady's touchdown passes vs. the goals scored in the Arsenal vs. Aston Villa soccer match, LeGarrette Blount's rushing attempts vs. the amount of minutes in the UFC fight between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz, and Julian Edelman's receiving yards vs. Tiger Woods' day one score at the Masters. If you really want to tie up your money for a while, you can parlay the Super Bowl winner with the winner of the proposed boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which could take place in May.

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