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Super Bowl Betting Preview - Seahawks vs. Patriots Odds & Predictions
By Jake Thompson

Only one game remains on the 2014-15 NFL schedule, and we'll do our best to nail down the winner in the Super Bowl matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. The Super Bowl will be played this Sunday in Glendale, Arizona. We've been monitoring the betting odds that Las Vegas has put up every since the championship games ended.  

Orginally, Seattle was a three-point betting favorite, but now the Patriots are favored by a tiny margin. The Super Bowl betting total has gone from an opener of 49.5 all the way down to 47.5. Tracked Super Bowl bettors are taking the Patriots at an 80 percent ratio on the point spread, while around 55 percent are taking the under when it comes to wagering on the total.

Seahawks vs. Patriots Super Bowl Prediction:

I won't waste time here. I like Seattle to repeat as Super Bowl Champions because of two main reasons.

First is how the Patriots' offense compares to the Seahawks' defense. New England is a team that relies on the passing game to move the ball. Their rushing numbers are a result of other teams not being able to stop the pass without dropping back additional defenders and leaving running lanes wide open. Seattle is one of the few teams in the NFL that is capable of slowing down New England's passing attack without doing so. The Seahawks have one of the elite secondaries in the NFL. This is just a bad matchup for Tom Brady and company, and I don't see them moving the ball all that well without the running game they've grown accustom to having.

Secondly, the Seahawks match up perfectly against the New England defense. The Patriots do one thing very well on defense, and that is have Darrelle Revis take away the opponent's top receiver. However, the Seahawks don't rely on any one wide receiver. Doug Baldwin isn't a Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant or Julio Jones. Take him away. Fine. Russell Wilson has been finding little known pass catchers all year long. New England's greatest defensive strength is essentially useless against Seattle. The Patriots aren't great anywhere else.  

Marshawn Lynch should have a field day here. New England's defensive rushing statistics only look decent because opposing teams get down early and have to abandon the running game in an attempt to score quick points. Since I don't see the Patriots scoring a ton early, I highly doubt that will be an issue for the Seahawks. The Patriots have masked a very beatable run defense with their offense. They won't be able to do that in the Super Bowl.

Take the Seahawks here. They are better on both sides of the ball and the absolute worst matchup imaginable for New England. Seattle wins back-to-back Super Bowls, and we'll call for the final score to be 31-20 in favor of the champs.

Russell Wilson

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