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Frank Kaminsky and the Players to Watch from the West Region
By Reel Robinson

As March madness begins and teams start to rev their respective engines for the long journey through the tournament, I want to take a closer look at some of the stand out players from the West Region. The NCAA tournament has always been a place where the unknown player had an opportunity to blossom in front of the entire college basketball community. These opportunities are far in between for players from smaller schools so in essence the NCAA truly provides a platform for those players to be seen by NBA scouts. Like I talked about in my preview post, the west is the most competitive region, and also has a handful of players that can lead their teams to the Final Four. It was hard for me to pick one, so I looked at all the teams and took the best four. Some you may already know, and others you may have yet to witness play.

Let's start with one of the best big men in college basketball and one of the most versatile players as well, Frank Kaminsky. He was a handful in last year's tournament, pushing Wisconsin to the Final Four with a dramatic victory over Arizona in the Elite Eight. His ability to stretch the floor with his long range ball and dominate the inside with his passing has made him one of the top candidates for Player of the Year, as well as one of the few that can take his team on his back to the elusive championship that great coach Bo Ryan is missing. His team is stacked, but he is the glue that gets them to their ultimate goal. His 18 points and eight rebounds a game this season is only a highlight of what he can do during the tournament.

My sleeper team Georgia State also has several marquee players. A transfer heavy team, they have strong players who have played in big games for large programs. They also have a legitimate stud in R.J. Hunter. Hunter is the son of the Georgia State coach Ron Hunter and has consistently played above the level of his competition all season. He averages 19 points a game. His team is tough and I believe if he plays up to his potential, they can continue to upset many of the bigger programs. Keep your eye out for this kid.

Joseph Young of No. 8 Oregon is one of the most dynamic scorers in the tournament. He PAC-12 Player of the Year, as he led the conference in scoring. He'll be a handful for teams who aren't familiar with his skill set. A knock down shooter and gifted with quickness, he can do things with the ball that most freshman cannot. The only knock on his game is his high volume of shots. He puts up numerous shots to get his points, but when you look at the dynamic of the team it is usually necessary for him to do so. We will see if he can stay under control against Oklahoma State in the first round.

The last player that should be on your radar from the West Region comes from the tough No. 2 seed Arizona Wildcats. I think they have three potential players that could lead them to a title, but T.J. Mcconnell is the standout. The senior point guard, who was a candidate for Player of the Year in the PAC-12, is one of the best point guards in the country with uncanny leadership skills and stingy defense that will put any guard on their heels. His ability to take care of the ball and get his fellow players in the right position sets him apart from the other top guards in the country.

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