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Melvin Gordon Scouting Report
By Matt Horkman

Melvin Gordon


Gordon demonstrates excellent patience, as he does a nice job of waiting for the hole to develop. In fact, his vision is top notch. Like a quarterback, he sees the field from all angles. When he sees an opening, he plants his foot and explodes through the hole. Defenders sometimes look silly in the open field trying to tackle him. Gordon is also a gym rat. He has extremely strong legs and constantly keeps them churning, allowing him to run between the tackles and pickup tough yardage if necessary.


His speed is somewhat overstated. He ran a 4.52 in the forty at the NFL Scouting combine, a number reinforced by his tape, as there are times when defenders were able to run him down from behind. He also needs to work on his pass protection.


A highly touted, productive running back out of Wisconsin, Gordon has all the tools to emerge as a high-level starter. He has a very good work ethic, understands the game, and has the big-game experience to contribute immediately. Many compare him to Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy, but Gordon isn‘t as fast as either all-pro running back. His leg strength, however, makes him more physical between the tackles than the two all pros. At the end of the day, Gordon should hear his named called very early in round two or in the backend of the first round.


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