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Week 11 College Football Playoff Rankings
By Jacob Brandwein

1. Clemson Tigers

Last Week: Beat Florida State 23-13

Next Week: @ Syracuse

Outlook: The Tigers retain the number one spot in the playoff rankings as they are the best team in the nation right now. Deshaun Watson has been on fire and helped Clemson pass a conference test against the Noles. Behind a stout defense and a balanced offensive attack, Clemson will be very tough to knock out of the top 4 as we get into November.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Last Week: Beat LSU 30-16

Next Week: @ Mississippi State

Outlook: Well well well look who's back near the top spot in the nation its none other than the Alabama Crimson Tide. They played their best game of the season against Leornard Fournette and LSU. Behind Derrick Henry rushing for over 200 yards and the defense holding fournette to a pedestrian 31 yards; the Tide are rolling.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

Last Week: Beat Minnesota 28-14

Next Week: @ Illinois

Outlook: The Buckeyes just keep winning despite quarterback troubles; JT Barrett will be back however this coming weekend against the Illini in the battle for the Illibuck. Make all arguments you want but Ohio State is still the defending champs and are extremely talented from top to bottom. They will need to focus this week as they don't want to make this Illinois game a trap game leading up to Michigan State the following weekend.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Last Week: Beat Pitt 42-30

Next Week: vs. Wake Forest

Outlook: The new addition to the top 4 is the Notre Dame fighting Irish. Deshaun Kizer contiunes his excellent quarterback play as he had 6 touchdowns in total this last weekend. If Notre Dame runs the table it will be hard to keep them out of the top 4.

5. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Week: Beat TCU 49-29

Next Week: @ Iowa State

Outlook: The Cowboys earned my respect last week as they ran TCU out of the building in a very impressive home win against Trevone Boykin and company. The Cowboys will need more big wins to really get themselves into the top 4 but last week was a good first step.

6. LSU Tigers

Last Week: Lost to Alabama 30-16

Next Week: vs. Arkansas

Outlook: Yes, the Tigers played terrible against Alabama but alas they are still very talented and in my opinion still well deserving of being well inside the top 10.

7. Stanford Cardinal

Last Week: Beat Colorado 42-10

Next Week: vs. Oregon

Outlook: The Cardinal look to build on a win last week against Colorado against an improving oregon team. Stanford will need to keep winnning to make the playoff.

8. Baylor Bears

Last Week: Beat Kansas State 31-24

Next Week: vs. Oklahoma

Outlook: Well this is the week Baylor can put themselves on the map more with a big primetime battle against the Oklahoma Sooners. How will Baylor fare against someone noteworthy? I guess we will all find out this coming weekend.

9. Utah Utes

Last Week: Beat Washington 34-23

Next Week: @ Arizona

Outlook: The Utes travel to Tuscon to take on Rich Rod's struggling cats this coming weekend.

10. TCU Horned Frogs

Last Week: Lost To Oklahoma State 49-29

Next Week: vs. Kansas

Outlook: The Horned Frogs took it on the chin last weekend against the Cowboys as they will need to win some big games toward the end of the season to get back into the playoff race.

11. Florida Gators

Last Week: Beat Vandy 9-7

Next Week: @ South Carolina

Outlook: The Gators won ugly last week and travel to South Carolina this week looking to play better than last week. They are in the SEC title game as of last week too so they'll have an opportunity to get into the thick of the playoff debate as the season goes along.

12. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Week: Beat Iowa State 52-16

Next Week: @ Baylor

Outlook: The Sooners have a huge opportunity this coming weekend as they take on Baylor in primetime as this can really shake up the playoff race if they can win this game. I will preview this game in depth this week as well.

13. Michigan State Spartans

Last Week: Lost to Nebraska 39-38

Next Week: vs. Maryland

Outlook: The Spartans lost a heartbreaker on what some say was a questionable call. Nonetheless, the Spartans will need to run the table to have any chance at getting back into the playoff hunt.

14. Florida State Seminoles

Last Week: Lost to Clemson 23-13

Next Week: vs. NC State

Outlook: The Noles hung tough with top ranked Clemson last week and look to bounce back this weekend against NC State.

15. Michigan Wolverines

Last Week: Beat Rutgers 49-16

Next Week: @ Indiana

Outlook: The Wolverines look to build on a blowout win as they travel to Bloomington this coming weekend to take on the Hooisers.

16. Iowa Hawkeyes

Last Week: Beat Indiana 35-27

Next Week: Minnesota

Outlook: Once again, Iowa has not earned my respect and still have lots to prove in my book to get any consideration from me.

17. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Last Week: Beat Mizzou 31-13

Next Week: vs. Alabama

Outlook: Dak prescott and the Bulldogs have a big game this coming weekend as they can make some noise in the playoff race if they can knock off the Crimson Tide. I will preview this game in depth this week as well.

18. Temple Owls

Last Week: Beat SMU 60-40

Next Week: @ South Florida

Outlook: The Owls continue their strong 2015 season and take on South Florida next week.

19. Houston Cougars

Last Week: Beat Cincinatti 33-30

Next Week: vs. Memphis

Outlook: The Cougars won a close one last week and have a good game ahead of them against their conference foe Memphis as I will preview this game as well.

20. UCLA Bruins

Last Week: Beat Oregon State 41-0

Next Week: vs. Washington State

Outlook: The Bruins play host to the Cougars this coming weekend and look to build on a blowout win from last weekend.

21. North Carolina Tar Heels

Last Week: Beat Duke 66-31

Next Week: vs. Miami (FL)

Outlook: The Tar Heels are playing good football as of late as they blew the doors off of rival Duke and look to continue their strong play against struggling Miami.

22. Wisconsin Badgers

Last Week: Beat Maryland 31-24

Next Week: Bye

Outlook: The Badgers get the week off after regaining a top 25 spot.

23. Ole Miss Rebels

Last Week: Lost to Arkansas 53-52

Next Week: Bye

Outlook: The Rebels lost a heartbreaker last weekend; they are still a very talented team despite having three losses.

24. Navy

Last Week: Beat Memphis 45-20

Next  Week: vs. SMU

Outlook: Navy is now ranked after an impressive win against Memphis last weekend.

25. USC Trojans

Last Week: Beat Arizona 38-30

Next Week: @ Colorado

Outlook: The Trojans are playing better as of late and look to build on a win from last weekend against Arizona.

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