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QPR Didn't Sack Chris Ramsey For Being Black
By John Hawthorne

Soon after QPR sacked Chris Ramsey, the internet was awash with rumours that the reason for his dismissal were down to the colour of his skin. It has led to many calling for the introduction of a policy like the “Rooney Rule”, introduced to stop discrimination. The reason though Ramsey was sacked was not because he was black, it is simply down to the results not meeting expectations.

Currently, QPR is in 13th place in the Championship. At the start of the season, they were the bookies free bet favourites to get a promotion to the Premier League. Ranger`s squad is full of talented players who are all good enough to play in the division above. Ramsey was a popular man at the club with players and staff, but he was not getting the results needed to keep him in the manager's position.

QPR have the best striker in the Championship in Charlie Austin. He is the free bets favorite to top the scoring charts this season. Last season he was one of the top scorers in the Premier League and there was a lot of interest in him over the summer by top clubs. Rangers managed to hold onto their star players though and he has rewarded them with seven goals so far. With the best firepower upfront, Ramsey's team should have competed at the top of the league.

QPR are not a one man team though and they have international star players such as Sandro, Junior Hoilett, Leroy Fer and Matthew Phillips. With this core of players, a manager should be able to compete at the very top, week in week out.

There are many problems that the owners need to change around at Loftus Road. It is not just managerial issues that have led themselves to this place. Over the last few years, their solution has been to throw money at the situation and have spent well above their means. They have signed big money players and too large a wages. They need to devise a coherent vision and plan to take the club forward, as at present things are not working on or off the pitch.

No matter what colour Chris Ramsey is, he is the easiest target to blame for the mess that QPR is now in. If Rangers fighting at the top of the league for automatic promotion, he would still be in his position as manager. The players need to take a hard look at themselves and take responsibility. A manager can only do so much, at the end of the day it is down to those on the pitch to perform. The case of him been fired due to being black has nothing to do with his sacking, it was purely down to the performance of the team.

Lucky, the firing of a black manager, has not caused too much of a stir, which is good to see the sports progress. Football is at the heart of trying to stomp out racism and has done more good than any other sport in the world to eradicate racism.

Changing the rules for clubs to have a wider casting new when carrying out interviews for potential managers, is something the FA are looking into. It will take a long time for any changes to happen but at least it is a starting point to take the game forward. It is important that clubs are not fearful of changing a manager if a minority is in change. It would lead to having an adverse effect on minorities progressing to management jobs.

The current free bet odds on favourite for the manager's post at QPR is Nigel Pearson. A lot of people are putting free bets on Tim Sherwood and David Moyes. Both of these managers have recently been sacked from their clubs for a bad run of form.

This article is courtesy of sports fanatic and professional writer John Hawthorne who is a football analyst for an International online free bets publication.

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