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Week 14 College Football Playoff Rankings
By Jacob Brandwein

1. Clemson Tigers

Last Week: Beat South Carolina 37-32

Next Week: vs. North Carolina

Outlook: The Tigers look to officially punch their ticket to the college football playoff by completing an undefeated regular season and winning an ACC title. Standing in their way are the up and coming North Carolina Tar Heels.

2. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Week: Beat Oklahoma State 58-23

Next Week: No Game

Outlook: The Sooners have pretty much punched their ticket to the college football playoff. They have been playing great at the exact time they need to be. They absolutely dismantled their rivals and won the Big 12 championship; a great season led by heisman candidate quarterback Baker Mayfield.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

Last Week: Beat Auburn 29-13

Next Week: vs. Florida

Outlook: The Crimson Tide look to clinch an SEC title game and a repeat apperance in the college football playoff by beating the Florida Gators. By the way, that Derrick Henry guy is pretty good he's the leading Heisman candidate entering championship weekend.

4. Michigan State Spartans

Last Week: Beat Penn State 55-16

Next Week: vs. Iowa

Outlook: The Spartans are playing great football and if the season ended today they would be my 4th team in the playoff despite having one loss. With Connor Cook back and healthy, this is huge for the Spartans. They look to knock off Iowa to get a big 10 title and punch their ticket to the college football playoff.

5. Iowa Hawkeyes

Last Week: Beat Nebraska 28-20

Next Week: vs. Michigan State

Outlook: The Hawkeyes look to complete an improbable run of perfection by knocking off the Spartans. They would also make the College Football playoff.

6. Ohio State Buckeyes

Last Week: Beat Michigan 42-13

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Buckeyes can only watch and wait as they hope for teams to lose to get into the college football playoff. Regardless, they will make a solid bowl game after destroying Michigan.

7. Stanford Cardinal

Last Week: Beat Notre Dame 38-36

Next Week: vs. USC

Outlook: The Cardinal won in dramatic fashion against the Golden Domers on a last second field goal. They look to win a pac 12 title over USC this coming weekend with an outside chance of making the college football playoff should chaos unfold in the top 4.

8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Last Week: Lost to Stanford 38-36

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Irish will make a nice bowl game after a very good season.

9. North Carolina Tar Heels

Last Week: Beat NC State 45-34

Next Week: vs. Clemson

Outlook: The Tar Heels have a huge opportunity to pull off a major upset and win a conference championship against Clemson. This could potentially get them into the college football playoff with a big win.

10. Baylor Bears

Last Week: Lost to TCU 28-21

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Bears despite quarterback injuries managed to have a solid season.

11. Florida State Seminoles

Last Week: Beat Florida 27-2

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Noles had a strong season and ended on a high note dismantling Florida.

12. TCU Horned Frogs

Last Week: Beat Baylor 28-21

Next Week: No game

Outlook: Trevone Boykin had a gutsy performance in terrible conditions and the Horned Frogs had a great win at home. They figure to make a good bowl game when all is said and done.

13. Oregon Ducks

Last Week: Beat Oregon State 52-42

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Ducks surged to a great end to 2015, they will be a force to be wreckoned with next year.

14. Ole Miss Rebels

Last Week: Beat Mississippi State 38-27

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Rebels won the Egg Bowl and look to have a good showing in their bowl game.

15. Michigan Wolverines

Last Week: Lost to Ohio State 42-13

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Wolverines lost miserably to their rivals in Ohio State. They are on the rise and will be a popular pick to make some noise next season.

16. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Week: Lost to Oklahoma 58-23

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The season didn't end how they wanted, but the Cowboys ended up having a solid season.

17. Northwestern Wildcats

Last Week: Beat Illinois 24-14

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Wildcats had great season and look to build on that come next season.

18. Houston Cougars

Last Week: Beat Navy 52-31

Next Week: vs. Temple

Outlook: The Cougars look to win a conference title by knocking off temple this coming weekend. The Cougars have had a strong season and look to end it on a high note before their bowl game.

19. USC Trojans

Last Week: Beat UCLA 40-21

Next Week: vs. Stanford

Outlook: The Trojans are playing for the pac 12 championship facing off with Stanford.

20. Florida Gators

Last Week: Lost to Florida State 27-2

Next Week: vs. Alabama

Outlook: The Gators need to bounce back in the SEC championship game against Alabama this coming weekend. They better wake up or it could be ugly against the Crimson Tide.

21. Temple Owls

Last Week: Beat Connecticut 27-3

Next Week: vs. Houston

Outlook: The Owls will take on Houston for their conference title this coming weekend.

22. LSU Tigers

Last Week: Beat Texas A&M 19-7

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Tigers will make a decent bowl game after a good sesason.

23. Utah Utes

Last Week: Beat Colorado 20-14

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Utes had a strong season and look to make a good showing in their bowl game.

24. Navy Midshipmen

Last Week: Lost to Houston 52-31

Next Week: No game

Outlook: Navy lost big to Houston Last Weekend, however they had a strong regular season.

25. Wisconsin Badgers

Last Week: Beat Minnesota 31-21

Next Week: No game

Outlook: The Badgers had a good season and will make a decent bowl game.

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