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College Football Playoff Reaction
By Jacob Brandwein

Before I get into my reaction on the top 4 and my take on who got in, this was one crazy year in college football. From the constant down to the wire games each and every week to upsets shaking the college football landscape. This will be a season not many will forget for there are so many good evenly matched teams. At the end of the day however, the committee was spot on as to who got into the top 4. Clemson had a great regular season behind quarterback Deshaun Watson going undefeated and earning the number one spot. The Crimson Tide overcame an early season loss to Ole Miss to roar up the rankings behind Heisman front runner Running back Derrick Henry as they earned the number two spot. Michigan State got a hard earned birth to the college football playoff by winning the highly competitive big ten conference including wins over Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa. With resilience and not giving in despite injuries; the Spartans deserved the number three spot. Oklahoma, led by Quarterback Baker Mayfield started out as a darkhorse contender for the top 4 and they proved themselves to everyone by sweeping through November with big convincing wins. It should be a very intriguing slate of games determining the national championship.

Now that I got into what I thought of how the committee did in evaluating and selecting the top 4, let me offer my take on the system of evaluation and perhaps what an 8 team format would be like. As for the evaluation of teams, I tend to evaluate how the team is playing at this moment. Evaluating a team from week one to now can be kind of skewed in a sense that teams are different in week one and the most important time to evaluate teams is in November when it really counts. Say for example Oklahoma, they did lose to a lowly Texas team but still got into the playoff despite that loss. So this is an example of the theory of evaluating a team how they're playing right now when it really matters is the right way to evaluate. I understand that Texas is a bad loss, but Oklahoma got it together after an "off" day and really strung together a great season. One thing I don't like is this concept of "quality losses", a loss is a loss. I mean Ohio State for example lost to Michigan State who was ranked in the top 10 at the time, that's not what you call a bad loss; but its not a quality loss, there's no such thing as a quality loss. To steal Herm Edwards' quote: "You play to win the game!"

Now on to the concept of what an 8 team playoff format would be like. I am a proponent for an 8 team format in the future. Yes, the four team format is nice but an 8 team format would be so much more intriguing and this year is an example where there could've been 8 teams competing for the championship. Imagine Ohio State, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Iowa along with the top 4 now. I mean some could argue that this would be too taxing on college students trying to get educated as well and that its too long. That is one noticeable con, however the pros of higher ratings, more money, and more opportunities for more schools really stand out to me. Not saying this will happen but its intriguing to think about considering how unpredictable college football really is.

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