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Latest Articles By Jonathan Hull
2013 NFL Draft Grades

By: Jonathan Hull - May 1, 2013

After taking a few days to reflect, Hull finally has his draft grades ready for release ... story

2013 NFL Draft: 1st-Round Winners & Losers

By: Jonathan Hull - April 26, 2013

The Cowboys and Raiders have drawn Hull's ire... story

2013 NFL Mock Draft V -- Final 7-round mock

By: Jonathan Hull - April 24, 2013

Hull offers up his final projections of the 2013 NFL Draft by doing a complete seven-round mock ... story

2013 NFL Draft Trade Scenarios

By: Jonathan Hull - April 17, 2013

Rumors about the Browns trading out of the No. 6 pick are persistent, and there are plenty of teams interested in the draft's top OTs that appear willing to make Cleveland an offer, including the Dolphins who hold the 12th overall selection ... story

2013 NFL Mock Draft IV

By: Jonathan Hull - April 15, 2013

The NFL Draft is 10 days away and Hull is trying to sift through the smoke and ashes of rumors to determine which hold an ounce of truth ... story

2013 NFL Mock Draft III

By: Jonathan Hull - March 31, 2013

With all the major pro days out of the way, Hull weighs in with his third NFL mock draft ... story

2013 NFL Mock Draft II

By: Jonathan Hull - March 14, 2013

Hull is finally able to churn out his second mock draft of the year after taking the combine, trades and free agency into account ... story

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Backs

By: Jonathan Hull - March 8, 2013

Hull wraps up his position rankings with a look at the cornerback class as well as a very strong safety class ... story

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Linebackers

By: Jonathan Hull - March 7, 2013

While neither worked out at the Combine, a pair of Georgia LBs top Hull's rankings at the outside and inside positions ... story

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Line

By: Jonathan Hull - March 6, 2013

No position felt the effect of the combine more than the defensive line. See how Hull's board settled following both impressive and disappointing performances at the combine ... story

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Offensive Line

By: Jonathan Hull - March 5, 2013

This year's offensive line class is as strong as any in recent memory. See how Hull ranks the tackles, guards and centers (Oh my!) post-combine ... story

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings: WRs and TEs

By: Jonathan Hull - March 4, 2013

Hull's post-combine NFL Draft position rankings continue with receivers and tight ends ... story

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings: QBs and RBs

By: Jonathan Hull - March 3, 2013

The combine made a mess of Hull's draft board. See how it shook up his QB and RB rankings ... story

2013 NFL Mock Draft I

By: Jonathan Hull - January 27, 2013

With the Senior Bowl in the rear view mirror, Hull is ready to release his initial NFL mock ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: DBs and Specialists

By: Jonathan Hull - January 26, 2013

Hull wraps up his look at this year's group of early entries to the NFL Draft with the defensive backs and one very talented punter ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: Linebackers

By: Jonathan Hull - January 24, 2013

There are four first rounders among the junior LBs who declared early for the NFL Draft ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: D-Line

By: Jonathan Hull - January 23, 2013

No position in the 2013 NFL Draft Class has a larger bevy of talent, particularly underclassmen, than the defensive line ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: O-Line

By: Jonathan Hull - January 22, 2013

This year's group of offensive linemen prospects are as good as any in recent memory, and some of the underclassmen who came out early have only made it better ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: WRs and TEs

By: Jonathan Hull - January 21, 2013

Underclassmen have a huge impact on the WR and TE draft classes ... story

2013 NFL Draft Early Entry Report: QBs and RBs

By: Jonathan Hull - January 20, 2013

A record number of underclassmen declared for the NFL Draft this season. Hull is going to examine each of them, starting with the guys lining up in the backfield ... story

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