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Latest Articles By Patrick Snow
Decision by Indecision

By: Patrick Snow - December 11, 2009

Have you ever pondered a decision so long that the decision was made for you? Did that ever come back to haunt you? Patrick discusses a possible costly error he made this year, and then discloses week 14's All-Pro and All-Pine selections. ... story

Triskaidekaphobia Strikes Again!

By: Patrick Snow - December 4, 2009

For centuries, 13 has been a feared number. It is unlucky. For many of you, and selfishly, Patrick hopes that the fear of 13 is unfounded--a superstition. Still, grab your lucky rabbit's foot and read why 13 may lead Patrick to his worst fantasy fears. Then, check out this week's All-Pro and All-Pine selections.... story

Out Routes: Thankful for the good and bad...

By: Patrick Snow - November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes being thankful isn't easy; others its a piece of cake (or pie). Patrick shares why his team has been as good as they come and as bad as they get. Then, he provides the All-Pro and All-Pine selections for week 12.... story

Out Routes: Glass half-full...?

By: Patrick Snow - November 20, 2009

Have you ever felt like your team is unbeatable? Have you ever felt like there's no way you will pull out a win? Patrick examines the optimist and pessimist in all of us. Then, he provides this week's All-Pro and All-Pine selections.... story

Out Routes: Winning by design

By: Patrick Snow - November 13, 2009

Are you investing in your fantasy future? Patrick shares some thoughts on planning for success over the last few weeks of the season. Then, he provides the All-Pro and All-Pine selections for week 10.... story

Out Routes: Pressure!

By: Patrick Snow - November 6, 2009

It's back! By popular demand, "Out Routes" has returned as a written article in place of the podcast this week. Patrick relays a personal story to cheer up and give hope to those whose season isn't unfolding as they had planned. Then, he offers the All-Pro and All-Pine selections for week nine.... story

Out Routes: So this is fear...

By: Patrick Snow - October 30, 2009

On this Halloween weekend, Patrick shares why he is afraid. Then, he offers the players to start and sit with a Halloween theme. Enter if you dare! ... story

Out Routes: Myths aren't truths

By: Patrick Snow - October 23, 2009

Patrick debunks a popular fantasy football myth–that owners must draft running backs with their first two picks–by examining the performances of five running backs that were ranked in the top 10 of most preseason rankings. Then, he provides week 7’s All-Pro and All-Pine players. ... story

Out Routes: So I was wrong...

By: Patrick Snow - October 17, 2009

Patrick was wrong. In this podcast, he shares with you whom he was wrong about and breaks down what is wrong with that player. Then, he offers week 6’s All-Pro and All-Pine players.... story

Out Routes: The "Eh" Factor

By: Patrick Snow - October 10, 2009

Patrick examines the lackluster NFL schedule for week 5 and then provides the players you should start and sit.... story

Out Routes: So many questions...

By: Patrick Snow - October 2, 2009

Patrick answers three pressing fantasy questions as we head into week four of the NFL season. Then, he provides the players you should start and sit for this week's games because inquiring minds want to know.... story

Out Routes: The Hype Machine

By: Patrick Snow - September 25, 2009

Patrick pontificates upon the NFL hype machine, connecting it to Hollywood remakes/sequels. Then, he reveals the All-Pro and All-Pine selections for week 3 using a Hollywood theme. ... story

Out Routes: The "A" Team

By: Patrick Snow - September 18, 2009

I love it when a good plan comes together! Patrick reveals his "A" Team--the best performers of week 1. Then, he delivers the All-Pro and All-Pine picks for week 2.... story

Out Routes: We're the Spaceballs

By: Patrick Snow - September 11, 2009

After watching Spaceballs recently, Patrick provides the All-Pro and All-Pine selections for week 1 of the NFL season using a Spaceballs theme. May the Schwartz be with you! ... story

Out Routes: Screaming in pain (almost)...

By: Patrick Snow - September 3, 2009

Patrick discusses a minor heart attack he had this week, and then he examines three fantasy backup quarterbacks that should perform if needed in a pinch.... story

Out Routes: What a tease...

By: Patrick Snow - August 27, 2009

In this episode, Patrick compares the NFL preseason to visiting a “gentleman’s club,” and then he offers some insights for owners participating in auction drafts. ... story

Out Routes: Don't Risk It!

By: Patrick Snow - August 20, 2009

Patrick reveals four risky players you may want to avoid in your drafts if possible. Then, he discusses draft strategy as well as players entering contract years. ... story

Out Routes: The 2009 Preseason Snowy Awards

By: Patrick Snow - August 14, 2009

Our first Out Routes podcast! The Jungle presents the 2009 Preseason Snowy Awards, projecting the best and worst fantasy football performers for 2009. Check it out and be sure to subscribe! (If you subscribed before August 14th at 3pm EST, you will need to resubscribe--problems getting the feed into iTunes forced a change. Sorry for any inconvenience!).... story

2009 Defense/Special Teams Part 4--You tell 'em the Elites are comin'...

By: Patrick Snow - August 6, 2009

Patrick preps you for your draft by discussing strategy for selecting defenses/special teams. Then, he reveals and examines the Elites--the top tier of fantasy DSTs. Finally, some cool news is announced--be sure to read to the end. This is one article you don't want to miss! ... story

2009 Defense/Special Teams Part 3--The Starters

By: Patrick Snow - July 30, 2009

As training camps open and fantasy drafts approach, Patrick breaks down the DSTs that owners should view as effective starters. ... story

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  • Patrick, a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, earned a Masters in English from Syracuse University and a Masters in Education in 2007. He teaches English and Composition classes at three Syracuse-area colleges and online for Kaplan University.

    Along with writing his column, he has written for the sports page of a local newspaper and for online sports sites. An avid sports fan, he cheers on his beloved Syracuse Orange football and basketball teams, New York Yankees, and New Jersey Devils. In addition, Patrick coaches 7th and 8th grade boys' basketball.